6 Basic Gym Etiquette for Beginners to Follow

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Today’s lifestyle is making everyone keen to get fit and stay in shape. Eating healthy food, diet food, and exercising is always on their list. But due to time and weather constraint, they can’t do much of outdoor activity. So they prefer going to a gym to run on treadmill and exercise. And if you are planning to start a new fitness regime or been going to the gym for a long time, you need to follow some Gym etiquettes. Gym etiquettes are simple rules to follow by the fitters while going to gym.

Read and follow the Gym Etiquette.

Every gym has its own rules which you need to follow. A gym is a place where everyone comes to work out and do their daily fitness routine and not a place for you to hang out and gossip with friends. Cell phones must be on silent all the time. Do not talk on the phone unless it’s something urgent. Always use your headphones when listening to music. Don’t just walk in the gym with your bare feet or flip-flops, Gym shoes are a must. No food or drinks other than water are allowed in the gym. And keep those little kids out of the gym. Gym equipment and weights are really heavy which can hurt badly to little kids, so kids are not allowed in the gym anytime.

Carry your Gym Bag.

Gym Etiquette with carrying your own stuff is always known and not a rule to mention. If you are working for hours then you should prefer taking your gym bag with a towel, an extra t-shirt, a pair of special gym shoes, and your water bottle. Use your towel to wipe yourself when you are sweating while doing your exercise. And if you tend to sweat much during long training, then changing your t-shirts in between the workout will make you feel fresh. Some of the workouts require additional support in your shoes, so carry that special exercise shoes. When on equipment, your personal water bottle will limit your trips to drink water. Also, you can carry a deodorant and apply prior to workout. But do not use it in excess before or during the workout as it can be irritant to others who are working there.

Wipe the Equipment.

This is a commonly known Gym etiquette known by all but sometimes t is missed to workout. Always form a habit of wiping the equipment after you use it. Everyone exercising at the gym will be sweating, and no one would like to use a treadmill full of someone’s sweat and germs. Sanitize the equipment wherever you touched after using it with the disinfectant wipes which are now available in most of the gyms. This will help to keep the place hygienic and prevents the spread of germs.  Everyone using the gym should follow this and make it a habit to clean after use.

Do not disturb.

One of the other most important Gym Etiquette is to not disturb others. When in Gym is that you should not disturb anyone who is doing his training. When you are on any equipment then it’s always advised to concentrate on your exercise rather than staring at people around you, which can be disturbing. Do not bother to give your important piece of advice to the one who is following his fitness regime as only gym trainers are supposed to give advice, as you may not know about his fitness goals and injuries if any.

Use Warm-Up area.

Don’t block the walkways when you are stretching or doing your warm-up exercise. Most gyms have an area specifically for warm-ups with foam mats and rollers, but if your gym doesn’t have one then use a spot which is not blocking anyone’s way.  Always be careful when you are using the gym space. Warm-up includes swinging your arms and stretching your legs, which can possibly smack on someone and you don’t want to be embarrassed by doing so.

Use the equipment correctly.

If it’s your first time in the gym and you’re not aware of using the equipment, you can always turn to the trainer. Once you’re fully confident of the correct form and posture, you can do it on your own. Show some courtesy when using equipment and after finishing place the dumbbells and other weights to its relevant place so that other trainees don’t get frustrated when looking for them. Do not hold on equipment for long and learn to share with the one who is waiting to finish their training. You can always workout longer during the unoccupied hours. A gym is not your property so learn to handle things correctly and do not drop weights and dumbbells on the floor as these are made of iron and anyone can trip over them.

These are some of the basic Gym manners that anyone going to the Gym should follow.

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