Clove and its Health Benefits

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Home remedies have always been on top priority for any health situation and so we are very much familiar about from our kitchen or garden. Many herbs, plants, spices always been have been used by us for medicinal purpose. If anyone is injured, then wound can be treated with turmeric, cotton, honey, etc. If anyone is suffering from cold and cough or some gastric issues everything can be sorted out with the help of our daily use of ingredients. Rather the situation gets unbearable, we rush to Doctor.

Similarly from our kitchen, clove is a spice useful in various home remedy treatments. Not only dry flower bud but also its stems, oils, is used in medicines. Clove plantation is seen in some places of Asia, South America, Indonesia. In India it has been grown in, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka. It is easily available in grocery shops. Its oil is available at Ayurvedic medical stores. Its powder form is also available at any mall.

Properties of clove:

1. It has a sweet and strong mouth burning taste.
2. It is a low calorie spice, rich in magnesium and also contain vitamin K, carbohydrate and fiber.
3. It contains anti-microbial properties so it can stop the growth of bacteria E-coli and also fights with other oral germs.
4. It has a natural anesthetic property so used in curing toothaches to numb the affected place and reduce the pain.

Clove Oil benefits:

1. A chemical, namely Eugonol is present in clove oil, which acts as an anesthetic and anti-bacterial agent. It is directly applied to the gums, which fight for oral bacteria and help to get relief from tooth pain
2. It is used in the various mouth rinser to get refresh the mouth and avoid bad breath.
3. Clove oil has anti fungal properties so used in various toothpaste to fight against oral germs
4. It may be used in treating bruises and scrapper.
5. It is added with other spices like cinnamon, dry ginger, black pepper to cure cough and cold.
6. Its flavor helps in relieving excessive thirst during summers.
7. It is helpful in improving digestion.
8. It is useful for pregnant women to cure morning sickness.

Step to use:

1. For cold and cough, it can be added to your tea with ginger or turmeric milk to get cure naturally.
2. In vomiting, it can be taken orally. To put one or two cloves in your mouth and a slowly chew it.
3. If you need to treat your teeth ache apply clove oil on a cotton ball and place the cotton ball to your paining tooth. You can also take it orally but you need to keep it in your mouth for some time.
4. For adding flavor, you can add clove in tempering or powder clove in spicy vegetable but in less content.
5. To use as a repellent, few cloves are heated with mint (camphor) and its smoke is spread all over the room. This repellent was very much in used in precaution of swine flu.

It is also used in making cigars in US also fragment ‘pomander’ is made using clove and orange. It is used in various savory dishes like Biryani, meat, baked dishes and beverages. All types of spice mixes specially Garam masala, Veg-kolapuri masala, Punjabi masala available in the market contains some portion of clove.

From a research, it is found that clove extract is able to control the speed of increasing cancer cell in the human body. Also in the dentistry clove gel is used to reduce the pain of needle insertion. For our tooth clove has been proved as a pain relief spice from ancient times. So, it is used in various mouth washes, tooth pastes etc.


1. It is not advisable to taken by the people suffering from liver disease, blood clotting, and immune system disorder or for food allergic patient.
2. For longer time if you are keeping cloves in your mouth than it may bring to mouth ulcer due to its strong extract at a minimal level.
3. It is also advisable to take in less quantity as used in cough or any other medicine in powder form then it should be taken 1 to 2 tsp per day. If its oil is used, then 1 to 2 drops in a day as it is hot in tendency and excessive usage can cause acidity, ulcer.


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