10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Giloy

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How do you feel when you get one of the homely remedy to protect yourself internally and make you strong to stay healthy and fit. Ayurvedic herbs like Brahmi, Tulsi, Ashwagandha, Mint, Parsley, Fenugreek, Neem, Triphala and Giloy are always there to boost our immunity and resist our body against viral diseases. This pandemic year had increase the use of ayurvdic herbs, traditional cough kadha’s and vitamin c rich intakes which work as an immunity booster. One of this common herb “Giloy” scientifically known as ‘Tinospora Cordifolia’ is also more in use these months. This herb is very effective and beneficial to ail several health issues.

It is used as an herbal medicine from ancient time and its Ayurvedic uses are mentioned in Ayurveda Samhita’s. It is grown in tropical regions of Indian subcontinents and its tablets, powder and juices are easily available in every medical shop. It is an effective medicinal plant like Neem and Tulsi. Giloy leaves have a heart shape look and its fruits are red in color, so it is also known as “heart-leaved moonseed”. Due to its health ailing qualities in sanskrit it is known as “Amrita” means the root of immortality.  


  1. It has bitter and sweet taste
  2. It works as an antioxidant.
  3. It has Anti-inflammatory property
  4. It has an healing property
  5. It is antipyretic in nature
  6. It works as an anti ageing herb

Health Benefits of Giloy:

  1. Its antioxidating property helps to fights with bacteria causing diseases, purifies blood and removes toxins from the body and boost immunity to the body.
  2. It is an adaptogenic herb and it helps to boost memory. It also lower the stress level and keep the body calm. Ayurvdic tonics are includes giloy as one of its constituent with the other herbs to get rid off toxins and reduce stress and anxiety.
  3. Regular intake of Giloy powder will helps in improving digestion system. One tsp of Giloy powder combine with Amla (Indian Gooseberry) powder will helps in treating constipation.
  4. Giloy powder mixed with shatavri powder and jaggery to treat chronic fever. It enhances the White Blood Cells and treats against viral fever, dengue and swine flu. 
  5. Consumption of Giloy juice on regular basis under doctor’s prescription decrease the High Sugar Level from the body
  6. To nurse joint pains, one tsp of Giloy powder is boiled in a cup of milk and consumed daily.
  7. Common cold, cough and short breath can be treated with the intake of Giloy juice. Ayurvedic doctor’s also recommend Giloy juice with honey to treat asthma patient.
  8. Giloy water is used to enhance clear vision when applied to the eyelids. Giloy powder is boiled in water and after it gets cool it is applied on eyelids.
  9. Giloy plant helps to reduce dark spots, pimples, fine lines and wrinkles and provides flawless glowing skin. One fourth of its powder is added with a pinch of neem paste and pinch of turmeric powder. This paste can be used thrice a week to treat acne.
  10. It also helps in healing wounds, allergies and other skin diseases. Its leaves are grind and made a paste. This paste is added with honey or rose water and applied to the affected area.

These are amazing Health Benefits of Giloy which are useful in our day to day life. Let us see how to consume it. 

Right way to consume Giloy:

There are three ways to consume Giloy, tablets, Powder and Juice. Also in some cases its leaves are chewed by some people. Giloy tablets are easily available in medical shops. Two are recommended for adults and one to half is given to children under 10 years.

Giloy powder can be taken with Amla juice or honey or in a glass of water. Also it can be dipped whole night in water and strained it in the morning. This water is taken in early morning. Half gram of its powder can be used daily.

For Gilloy Juice cut the finger long stem and wash it properly and boil it in a two glass of water. When the water is half of its quantity it can be strained and consume it daily to purify your blood, remove toxins and fight the disease causing bacteria. Giloy kadha can be made with ginger, amla and black salt to boost immunity.

Continuous consumption for a month or a two is harmless but long term use can cause lower blood sugar level and constipation. Women should avoid its the use during pregnancy or breast feeding.



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