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Rose mallow, Swamp rose or Hibiscus, one flower with different names which adds beauty to the garden is from mallow family. It is found mostly in every color yellow, white, orange, pink and the most beautiful one is red. Hibiscus flower grows big in size than any other flower with the shade of different color at center.

This flowering plant is grown in hundreds of its species and its genus is quite large. It has been widely cultivated as ornamental plants namely Hibiscus Syriacus and Hibiscus Roasa-sinensis. Rose mallow is a type which is mostly seen in America. In china it is found as ‘China Rose’ and in Malaysia-‘Hibiscus Rose Senesis’ is considered as the national flower.

This plant is grown in humid climate with full sunlight. Moist soil is considered best to cultivate this plant. No doubt, when this plant is grown in our garden then its flower carries our attraction more than any other one. But it is not only for its beautiful flower but it is also known for its medicinal properties. This plant flower is used in many ways in home remedies for different disease.

Firstly it is used in hair treatment. Hibiscus flower contains vitamin c and amino acid and so it is good for scalp and hair. Its flower is boiled with oil and that warm oil is massaged on the scalp which opens the pores and penetrates deep inside the scalp.

Secondly hibiscus tea is mainly by the whole world which helps in ailing disease like constipation, high blood pressure and cholesterol. It is also helpful in controlling tumor cells and so it reduces risk factor of cancer. Hibiscus tea is used in controlling weight when consumed hot every day.

It also regulates the menstrual cycle. 4 to 5 petals of hibiscus flower are boiled with water and it is consumed empty stomach daily from the weak before the menstrual period. It will be helpful to regulate the cycle properly and reduces the menstrual cramp.

Not only it is medicinally used for home remedial disease but it is also link with the Indian mythological facts. ‘Maa Bhagawati’ once was pleased by the flower Jasun-hibiscus and blessed it that it would be the main flower when the devotees will shower on her while doing prayer. This was been made possible when ‘Maa Bhagwati’ was in the face of ‘Kaali’. So Hibiscus is mainly gifted to ‘Maa Kaali’ during prayer.



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