Home Decor: Home sweet home.

HOME our “Sweet Home” where  you spend our full life. A place where we share all our happy moments, our sad moments, our ups and downs in life, our learning’s, our teachings, our relations and our love. Home is not only the place to live but It the place where we built Our self, Our family, Our life..

And this place should be of your choice. This place should give us peaceful and positive feeling to travel our life journey with happiness. This place should relax us and kick out our tiredness and boredom. So we should switch towards our interiors and decoration and make our home of our own choice. To fill the colors in our life, we have to fill the colors in our home.

Give your home a heavenly look

If we don’t want to plan for full interior decoration we can go for small changes in our rooms. Starting with the living room, we can have stylish sofa’s or if we don’t want to change the sofa than try different stylish and colorful sofa cushions. Have a dark color of carpet contrasting our sofa sets. Center table is must but use according to the size of sofa, the place in between should be plenty enough to walk. Try to avoid extra furniture as it covers all the space and the room will appear to be small. Now flat TV is almost used which will be coming in front of sofa on the big wall.

Nowadays, TV cabinets are almost gone and the big wall is given coloring texture to highlight the wall and give attention to the room from the door itself. Here white or cream base colors are advisable with one main wall of dark color. Light Color always brings shine to the floor. Flooring is also advisable to be light in color. On ceiling we can have slight touch of POP which gives great look. Different designs and styles are running in the interior competition, better to choose according to our size of the room.

Change your ceiling lights with decorative LED lights. No bit of wiring should be seen and everything should be covered. Use curtains of full length contrasting our room furniture.
I can say that if you are busy and can’t go for full renovations just plan room by room. In all, your choice matter’s first and better to take advice but to do as you feel and love to do. Your interest and effort will bring happiness in home.