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Kidney stones are a common health issue. Passing these stones can be a painful experience. The majority of them can get treated with hydration therapy, pain medication, or other forms of clinical intervention. We will discover what kidney stones are and fifteen home cures for kidney stones in this article.

For one person, treatment may be beneficial, but maybe not for another. You may have to try a few different treatments and solutions before you find the one that works for you. All of these remedies have been thoroughly researched or proven to be effective. Several therapies or remedies can be inappropriate for newborns and youngsters.


What Are Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones are crystalline hard minerals that occur in the kidneys or urinary tract. They’re also known as renal stones or nephrolithiasis, and they’re made up of solid waste products that build up in the kidney and form crystal-like shapes. There are four varieties, but calcium oxalate stones account for nearly 80% of all stones. The other three are struvite, uric acid, and cysteine stones, which are less prevalent.

Smaller stones aren’t a concern, but larger ones can cause a blockage in the urinary system as they exit the body. Pain, bleeding, and vomiting are all possible side effects. According to research, if a person gets a kidney stone once, he is up to 50% more likely to develop another one in the next 5 to 10 years.

Causes Of Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are caused by an excess of stone-forming chemicals in a person’s urine or a decrease in urine volume. Earlier kidney stones, family history, dehydration, high protein diet, obesity, any intestinal surgery, certain drugs, or a history of cystic kidney disease are all linked.

Most Effective Home Remedies For Kidney Stones

1) Stay Hydrated (Drink Water)

If you’ve been diagnosed with kidney stones, your doctor will tell you that you should drink as much water. Drinking enough water is the most effective of all kidney stone home treatments for eliminating kidney stones. It enhances kidney function and aids in the removal of stones through urine.

The more water you drink, the more likely you can pass the stone through urine. Drinking a lot of fluids puts your kidney under slight pressure, which can increase the odds of the stone being removed from the kidney on its own. You should drink more water every day, it should be first thing in the moning and the last thing at night, depending on your capacity.

2) Lemonade (Lemon Juice)

Lemon is a citrus fruit, which can break down calcium deposits and prevent them from expanding further. Citrus fruits have acid that can help break down the stone, and if you drink a lot of water, it will travel through your urine.

You can drink lemon juice 4 or 5 times a day by mixing it in a glass of water, or you can make a jug of lemonade and drink it several times a day, but the optimum time to consume these liquids is on an empty stomach in the morning, evening, and before bed. Yes, because lemon is a frequent food item at home, this is also a simple home treatment for kidney stones.

3) Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruit juice, as previously stated, can aid in the removal of kidney stones and is recommended as one of the most common kidney stone home treatments. Citrus fruits, such as oranges, grapefruits, and pomelo, contain acid components that are capable of dissolving and cleaning kidney stones. It is the most popular treatment for kidney stones that doctors recommend.

4) Apple Cider

Doctors rarely allow patients to self-treat kidney stones because stones can shift and become caught in the urinary tract or other parts of the body. As a result, experts frequently recommend that you take medications in addition to home treatments for kidney stones, and apple cider vinegar is one of the most common, effective, and natural substances for kidney stone treatment.

It’s one of the most effective kidney stone treatments available. It reduces acids in the body, which aids in kidney stone therapy and is the most effective factor in limiting the size of kidney stones. Mix one spoon of apple cider vinegar with a cup of warm water twice daily, or as directed by your doctor.

5) Honey

Honey is one thing that has got recommended by both Allopathy and Ayurveda for its magical therapeutic effects on health; it not only removes kidney stones but also prevents them from forming. As a result, it is one of the most effective home remedies for kidney stones. Take two spoonfuls of honey in a glass of warm water twice a day to reap the benefits.

6) Pomegranates

Pomegranates are high in Vitamins B, C, and K, and fiber and potassium. It’s also high in antioxidants. Pomegranate seeds and juice are necessary for eliminating kidney stones and flushing other toxins from the urinary system.

Antioxidants aid in the health of the kidneys and avoid the formation of stones. It also lowers the acidity of urine, lowering the chance of stone formation even more. 14 and 15 You can drink as much pomegranate juice as you like throughout the day. If you’re using liver, blood pressure, or statin drugs, you shouldn’t drink pomegranate juice.

7) Dates

Dates have a high amount of fiber in them and are packed with copper, manganese, magnesium, and many other essential nutrients. A high amount of fibers help in lowering the risk of kidney stone formation. The magnesium present in them aids in cleaning the kidney and washes out all the unnecessary fluid and stones from the tract. You can soak dates in water overnight and consume them the next day.

8) Celery

Celery juice has long been used as a traditional kidney stone treatment. It flushes out toxins that cause stones to form, but it also flushes out stones formed in the body. You can make celery juice by blending one or more celery stalks with water and drinking it throughout the day. You should not drink this if you have high blood pressure, a bleeding disorder, or if you’re going to have surgery. Its seeds, which are good kidney tonics and diuretics, can be used as a spice.


The home remedies addressed in the article can cure tiny stones, but larger stones should get treated by a doctor. If you have significant discomfort in your lower abdomen or genitals, you should get medical help right away. Other symptoms, in addition to pain, may be present, and they should be discussed with a doctor right away.



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