Hoping for the best

HOPE Changes Everything

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Mayra brought Razia at her residence because she knew that if she continued to stay at Aditi’s place, then it might cause some problems. She made her feel comfortable. Mayra offered her some snacks and juice. She said, “Razia why don’t you eat something and then freshen up. And I am writing some important contact numbers in this diary. In case you need, you can give a call. And don’t worry at all, you are totally safe here. Make yourself at home. I’ll be back in sometime.”

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Mayra got some new dresses and some medicines prescribed by Dr. Aditi. She also got a new cell phone for her. As she returned home, she saw Razia gazing out the window hoping to see her daughters. Mayra knew she was missing her kids. Mayra called out Razia, “Razia come on here, look what I have got for you. Dresses, your medicines and a cell phone for you. Lets save all the contacts first, so it becomes easy for you.” But Razia had become very weak and lost all her stamina. Mayra knew the way to cheer her up. She said, “You are missing your daughters, give them a call and talk to them. You’ll feel better.”

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Razia tried calling at her home, but no one answered the phone. She thought, “I wish I could go and pick up Tasneem & Heena from school. They both must be thinking about me. But how can I, right now I am dependent on someone else. Everyone is helping me I can’t create more trouble for them.” It was not at all easy for her to live without her kids. Not just husband and wife were at odds, but also mother & kids were living away from each other.

Razia was just thinking about her family, her kids all the time. And on the other side Mayra was busy making effort to get her kids back. As she was running a NGO, she knew way too many people who could help them. After filing the police complain, Mayra was able to get a sweet surprise for Razia.

The police officer got both the girls Tasneem & Heena, at Mayra’s house. Razia was delighted to see them. No matter what happens, the love between a mom and her kids will never lighten. She was hoping for all the good things to happen from now on. Razia thought, “Hope one day Junaid will realize his mistake and change his attitude towards me and my kids.”