Housewives have stepped ahead in using the internet!

: Indian housewives are not just good at household chores but they are making their presence felt on social media and are using internet more than working women.

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Women are considered as the backbone of the family as they manage their house and organize everything well. They look after the family with lots of love and care. Patience is their strength and they succeed in whatever they do. While comparing housewives with the working women, housewives are also not lagging behind. As the working women earn and contribute to the family financially, housewives manage to fulfill every need of her family whether it’s small or big. Over the last decade, housewives have stepped ahead in using the internet compared to working women.

As per latest report published by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), there is swift increase in the number of women subscribing to unlimited internet plan. Indian housewives are distinctly making their presence on social media.

Here is the user percentage:

  • Housewives: 26%
  • Working women: 20%
  • College Students: 20%
  • School Students 25%

Notably, India is witnessing a rapid increase in the usage of Internet. At present, telecom companies generate 17% of their revenue from the Internet services, whereas last year the figure was 12%.

Housewives presence on social media had stepped ahead in using the internet.

When internet usage started in India it was just used for official mails and replies but today internet is essential in daily life. Indian housewives though have a busy schedule manage to use internet. They are looking more towards the new recipes coming daily in their Email or any other social media like Facebook & Pinterest, regularly using different applications like WhatsApp & Messenger to connect with friends & family. Online chatting is commonly used among them and games are played too. Housewives are always interested in shopping so they even try online shopping. Housewives sometimes can’t get enough time to watch their favorite episodes as they get busy doing their routine chores. So, they watch it on YouTube. They search new trends on internet and then they plan for shopping.

Whereas working women have less to do with their favorite TV shows and movies. They get less time for shopping from market so online shopping is very much useful for them. Cooking recipes are seen by them but less in comparison to the Housewives. So sometimes they prefer to order the bard online. Chatting is a part of routine.

Housewives and working women both go for online ticket booking weather for a movie or travel tickets. So internet usage is rapidly increasing and has become a part of routine life. We can say that the rapid growth of Smartphone’s and Tablets have increased the consumption of internet in working women as well as stay at home moms.