How Animals and Birds communicate with Human beings?

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The beauty of the Birds always attract us with their colors and their melodious voice. They do not have vocal cords but they can raise different voices and can mimic after us. They use their throat muscles and membranes to talk. Parrots and species of parrots have tendency to speak. Like Parrots, Amazon parrots, African parrots, parakeets, cockatoos can talk to humans. Grey parrots are very much famous for whistling and beeps.

Like birds, animals do understand human voice and some can communicate too. We all have seen some apes repeating same action and some words after human. They actually greet each other by touching their hands. Elephants and Horses nod their head as they understood the human language. Elephants show affection among themselves by entwining their trunks. Whales do come out from the water repeatedly to show its presence and give love messages.

Some pet birds and animals which do not have tendency to talk can be understood by their signs. Means when they need something they turn round and round, if they are in cage they knock the cage door to come out. You must have noticed how cat inform us if she is hungry, pet dogs comes to us and again moves to his food bowl to recall us that it’s time for food, ants use pheromones and sound to indicate social status, bees dance and tell where honey is.

So the language of birds and animals is easy to understand by following your loved bird or animal. Notice it at regular interval of time. Stay on the goal to understand its language and follow every actions and reactions of your bird or animal. Birds sound differently in the morning as a morning bells and animals found silent except hens in the early morning. They communicate through smell, touch, move, postures, facial gestures, visual signals and sound. This communications are evolved for attraction, aggression, signal for sign of food, warns for predators. The famous communication between animals and humans is seen in recent decades is Koko, a gorilla who is supposedly able to communicate with humans using a system based on American Sign Language with a “vocabulary” of over 1000 words.

No wonder, these beautiful creation are lovely to sound but when they are attached to us they do not like to depart. And LOVE is the best sign to understand each other language. Whether it is for human beings, animals or birds, if there is no love then you will not be able to understand any animals or birds need. And dog is the best example of this. When we scold him, he understands it from our body language and posture, and quietly moves away from that place. Whereas when he feels happy and loved, he wags his tail from side to side.

Let’s communicate with our pet birds and animals and spread some Love.


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