How One can Improve his Poor Eyesight Naturally

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Poor eyesight is a major problem that most of the people are facing today.How one can improve his poor eyesight naturally is a big question for us. Poor eyesight results to lack of confidence and poor confidence results to a down step to success. Some of them are facing minor issues that can be cured naturally and major issues are only to be treated by eye specialists. Genetics, Poor nutrition, and Excess Strain may turn into eyesight problems. Coming to minor issues like watery eyes, headache, and blurry vision can be cured at home naturally.

There are few things you can do at home to get cure your eyesight. You can cure eye problems by doing some exercises and from the diet. Eye exercise helps muscles stay strong and flexible and improve blood flow to maintain eyesight normally. Regular eye exercise may improve focus and concentration. Mostly we observe four methods of exercises to do daily at home.

Exercises to Cure Poor Eyesight:

Exercise 1:

Take one pencil or pen into your hand hold it straight towards the face at an arm’s length. Then slowly bring closer to the nose. Again move it to the further from your vision with focus. Repeat this for 10 to 15 times.

Exercise 2:

Concentrate on any object but make sure the object has more distances from your vision. Just focus on the object without straining your eyes for 5 minutes daily. Perform this regularly for a few months to get better results.

Exercise 3:

Rotate your eyes in the clockwise direction for some seconds and repeat the same in the anti-clockwise direction. After completing one set of exercise blink your eyes. Make this for four or five times a day.

Exercise 4:

Blink your eyelids repeatedly for 10 to 20 times. Later close your eyes and give some rest. Do this for twice or thrice in a day.

Healthy Nutritional Diet for Better Eyesight:

Take healthy diet with full nutrients for the health of the eye and avoid poor eyesight problems. Here 10 nutrient foods list:


By drinking more water in a day may prevent dehydration and helps to reduce dry eyes. Our eye is surrounded with fluid when it is dried we may face some problems. So that water will help to avoid that because water will help the body and eye for proper hydration.


Carrots are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fibers which need for eye health. It is also having vitamin A which plays a major role in optimal vision and helps to the retina to absorb light.


Beef is having high zinc material which mainly helps the eye for a long time. It also helps to avoid the age-related sight. The retina and the vascular tissue surrounded by it have a high amount of zinc. Meat such as chicken also rich in zinc but compared beef it is having less.


The vitamin C, vitamin E and zinc are the sources had in eggs. Eggs are having lutein also which is mainly helpful for eye health. Eggs are a great food to eat daily for better results the best way to eat eggs is by boiling them.


Fishes are rich in omega 3 fatty acids those are absolutely helpful to eyesight. In recent days fish oil is the suggested one to reduce dry eyes. They are some fishes which having high omega 3 fatty acids like tuna, salmon, herring, sardines, mackerel, etc. Include fish your diet to experience better eyesight than before you have.

Leafy and Green Vegetables:

Leafy and green vegetables are good and healthy food for eyesight. Those are promoting eye vision and improve the health of the retina. The famous kale, collards, and spinach are having vitamin C which is very good in lutein.


Almonds are having omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin E, and antioxidant contents. Almonds are having great uses to improve eyesight. They also help to improve memory and focus.
Take 5 peeled almonds in the morning or you can make it is a paste and mix in a warm glass of milk to drink. Do this daily for a few months.


Amla the Indian gooseberry is an excellent remedy for eye problems. It is combined with high nutrients called vitamin c and other antioxidants. Those help to keep the retina in the healthy and proper way.
Make Amla juice and mix in water and drink twice a day for a few months.

Citrus fruits:

Those are having vitamin C, E, and antioxidants which are highly recommended for eye problems. These help from age-related eye sights. Some citrus fruits rich in vitamin C are lemon, oranges, and grapes.

Fennel Seeds:

Fennel seeds are preferably used for eye problems. These seeds are rich in vitamin E so take the fennel seeds powder with warm water before going bed. Make this daily for 30 to 40 days.

Apart from this all use normal spectacles or lenses from dust and bright sunlight. Do not read any books in dim light. Get proper sleep daily which reliefs from high stress. Relax your eyes by closing for five minutes if you are continuously working on laptop or phone. Rosewater on a cotton and cucumber slice is the best cooling agent for eyes. Also eye cooling pad are available in the market can be helpful for eye burning sensation.


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