How to apply Foundation in Summer ?

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Applying foundation on the face is the thing most every women’s and girl’s do in daily life. Really it improves the appearance of the face. In summer each will experience a lot of sweat over the body. Sweating is well for the body because it cool’s the body from overheat but it is not sufficient for a foundation. Whether you can apply a foundation on sweat it doesn’t look nice it just looks like patches on the face.

Especially in summer foundation doesn’t support you. Mostly girls wear foundation and like light makeup to their college and offices. They have to travel on buses and bike to reach their colleges or offices a lot of them uses a scarf but that doesn’t support. The temperature in summer is very high when compared to normal days. Humidity is not good at outside the feeling is so hard. It drags down the foundation from the face and adds tan.

Women’s also went to outdoor based on their works they also experience some problems with a foundation in summer. So better to skip the foundations in summer. If you want to wear foundation in summer you have to choose light makeup.

Before applying any foundation you need to apply moisturizer to the face that to oil-free moisturizer and make sure that is properly protected from the sun or not. You can also wear sunscreen lotion for more protection it should be re-apply every two hours in the day. It can be hard to apply in every two hours but better to apply.

Wear less foundation to avoid patchiness from sweat. Shop the best products to care skin and having more protective nature from humidity. If you are having oil nature select oil-free foundations and apply that in very less quantity. Someone can have heavy sweat in summer those who are facing that problem should maintain wipes with them.

If you have any important occasion, office meetings any work should attend in hot and stressful situations definitely wear foundation. It should be light and after applying the moisturizer only. If you have excess sweat nature better avoid the foundation in those situations or else follow some tips which are the following:

Excess sweating will get embarrassing some times. So try these tips you may feel better.

1. Foundation:

Foundation or any cream should apply only after you feel cool
After fresh out of the shower, you should better to wait ten to fifteen minutes to cool your body. If you apply the foundation on a warm skin that does not give a nice look to the face. To apply the foundation on the cool body very less.

2. Liquid intake:

Drink more water or juices to keep your cool from inside. The best way is to carry a water bottle with you and sip water frequently. These will helps you from over temperature body will not get more heat and keeps your skin dry.

3. Powder

Skip the powder from your makeup. The powder adds chalky look to the face and drags down the makeup. Use tissues or wipes to absorb the oil from the face and neck.

4. Avoid Heavy Foundation:

Avoid heavy coverage foundations because it will get melt in a hot climate and on sweat skin. So switch to a lighter product like oil-free moisturizers and creams. Light products will help to maintain the look for more time.

5. Using facial kit:

If you have to travel anywhere in summer better to carry facial kit with you. It is useful when you want to keep your face cool and make your foundation last longer.

6. Switch to creams:

Use creams instead of powders. Powders which you applying on the face that can be cake in the heat but creams not like that. During summer months creams and moisturizes are best to apply on face. So switch to creams keep away powders.

7. Avoid dark shades makeup and cloths:

Dark colors or shades are having a little bit harsher in summer. When you going out in sun dark colors may effect from dripping. Wear soft colors and light shades.

Summer months are most important for kids to enjoy with friends and family. Summer months are holiday vocation for kids and some elders. Fun in beaches is one of the occasions in summer but there is more effect from the Sun. So take care of skin like applying sunscreen lotions and enjoy with family and friends.

Some are experiencing excess sweat in summer maybe that is based on your health issues or your skin type also make confirmation from experts and follow their tips. Based on your skin choose cream or foundation and apply. But before apply an oil-free moisturizer.It is better to avoid foundations in summer if you want to wear follow the mentioned precautions.


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