How to make your own Candles

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Any festival or occasion turns into more special with new outfits, delicious food, and home or banquet decorations. We can create a dazzling and delightful surrounding with beautiful decorations. And decoration without lighting is imperfect. Besides decorative lamps, lights, and chandeliers, candles play an important role to gleam the room or any corner. Candles have also been used as an emergency light when power goes out. The uses are many but the purpose is one and that is to bring light to dark places around the world. Candles can be easily purchased at store, but they are very easy to make at home.Many of us must have tried our hands at making candles at home, but there are many who has mastered this skill and turned this creativity into small scale business.

With just few things you can make beautiful candles. All you need is wax, boiling container, a wick, thermometer, and candle molds. To make its look more beautiful you can also use some candle dye, decorating beads, and essential scented oils.

Candle making seems an easy task but to get the perfection we need practice. Candles can be made from Paraffin wax, Soy wax, Beeswax. We can also reuse the old wax pieces to make a new one for home use. Study the boiling temperature of different waxes and their cooling time before you start making your own candles.

First cover your counter with paper or cardboard before starting the process as melted wax is a bit messy if it spills. Now cut your wax into small pieces as small pieces melts easily. Take one big boiler and add water in it, place another small boiler on top of it. Now add the wax pieces. Check the melted wax temperature constantly with the thermometer as the temperature can rise sharply. Wax is not directly heated, as on more heating the wax reaches the flash point, where the vapors produced are highly flammable. Wax should not be heated beyond 250 Degree Fahrenheit. Place cotton wick in the candle molds. Wick can also be prepared at home. Just you have to coat your thick cotton thread with wax by dipping into the melted wax and then let it dry. Remember wick should be prepared first. Now position the wick base on the center of your candle mold, roll the other end on a pencil, skewer, or a clothespin and place it in the middle of the mold, to keep the wick straight. Carefully pour the melted wax into the candle molds and let it cool for 24 hours. Your candle is now ready to lighten up.

Candles can be made of different shape, color, and aromatic scents. You can use any glass containers or mason jars as molds. Children’s can create their favorite shaped candles like cartoons, alphabets, or even numeric candles and to make it look more colorful, dye color is added in the melted wax before pouring it into molds. Wax crayons are also useful as it melts easily.

To make scented candles few drops of scented oils available in craft shop can be added to the melted wax. Once the candle is lighted it will give a beautiful look and also it will fill the room with its aromatic fragrance. If you think that adding colors and scented oil is not just enough then you can make it look impressive by adding more art to it. Small stars, glitters, beads, etc. are available in craft shop. You can glue these materials and make your candle look unique. Also you can paint outer surface of the candle with different dye colors. Henna design on candles also looks lovely. Candles can be a useful and unique gift for Christmas, Birthdays, and New Year Make these beautiful candles for you, family, and friends, and spread some Love and Light.


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