Humanity One of the Best Thing to Serve The Country

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The rising fear all over the world where Corona challenges us to fight for our health. It captures more than half a million of people under his stroke. At this stage of life where we are only safe in our home, our warriors fight against this disease to block down the chain of the corona. These people are working hard taking strict steps for us and proved themselves as a shield between us and this deadly disease. They not only perform their duty but do something extra to help people in such severe condition where people are physically and mentally stressed. Their hardship is really appreciable where they leave behind their comfort zone and serve humanity in the country. yes, Humanity one of the best thing to serve the country in such a crucial time. Let us see how they work and salute their strong motto to defeat the viral disease


We had only seen a policeman solving violence issues, robbery cases, protecting peoples, managing traffic, but these days they came on the road and aware people about isolation and explain them that ‘stay at home’ is the only medicine for this deadly disease. They serve Food packets, Sanitizers, Masks to migrants who were trapped in this lockdown. They punish the people who want to break the lockdown and come just to roam here and there. They are performing their duties understanding the importance of lockdown.

We had seen a news before few days where a policeman was on duty and could not meet his daughter when she was ill. Her case was serious and could not survive after three days, but the man was sincerely performing his duty could not leave his work for his family. This is a great example of today’s warriors where people like him serve their Country first though their family needs them.

Just like this, there many examples come in front of us where policeman’s work for local public to take them hospital, to carry and collect food packets from different places for the needy people, to serve medicine from the medical shop, aware people of keeping distance.

Social Welfare Organization:

Different government and non-government organization has come out to help migrants, laborer, taxi-drivers, waiters for their basic necessities. NGO Give India started a campaign “India fights Corona” Goonj has initiated “Rahat Covid-19”. Milap, Safe India, Uday foundation, Akshay Patra Foundation, MCKS Food for Hunger are working to help people in need.

Medical Staff:

The Medical staff is at high risk as they have to treat the patient and till the reports come they are not sure who is corona patient or general patient. Though tight precautions are kept, but whole day workload and to stay between the ill persons is dangerous. A silly mistake can infect them so they need to be very much particular while dealing with a Covid-19 patient.

Separate hospital, ward or buildings are allotted for the corona patient where complete isolation is followed. The Lucknow having more number of patients had allotted to Doctors and paramedical staff room in hotels. So they too are isolated from their families. These staff are present all the time to care the patients and give away their personal life, their comfort zone just to treat the patient. Their work is more difficult and perceptible.


Right steps were taken at the right time by the Indian Government. India was the first country to start airport medical checking. No Indian’s travelled from foreign countries are allowed to go directly home. They were tested at the airport and when they are safe, they are allowed to go home. The person having light symptoms of Covid-19 were kept under observation for 15 days.

The PM Modi’s best action of Janta Curfew and 21 day lockdown is a perfect step to cut the chain of corona and due to this less number of people are affected compared to other countries. He said in his speech that “Lockdown is just like curfew”, which means it has to be followed at any cost.

Though people work in different cities and live in rental house, students staying away from family may face problems but they are not allowed to travel. Nirmala Sitaramani has announced a relief package for them. Laborers are given 3 months free 5 kg wheat or rice, 1 kg pulses and gas cylinder. She had also appealed to all the landlords to be liberal in demanding their monthly rent. The Government has also given a free hand liberal outcome to the citizens, resulting SME, MSME with tax durability.


Media plays a major role in spreading awareness of social distancing among people at any corner. They collect world wide information, compare it with our country and guide all preventive measures to be followed and In every half an hour they guide us how to wash hand explain the importance of social distancing. public awareness on Covid-19 is kept on top priority and they work according to that. They too work in double shift to guide people the total knowledge of Corona, their symptoms, precautions and aware people about “Stay Home be Safe’.


The local public always stands in front to help others. This is the biggest strength of the nation when people start worrying about the survivals. Without any questions they start helping others. Here is the situation of social distancing so many people help from home. They make mask at home and distribute to the people who need it. Some of them cook extra food at home and make parcels and deliver it to public. People like construction builders, businessman, Engineers, Teachers, Musicians, etc are taking part in fight against corona by guiding other people and staying at home isolating themselves.

This list is too long where government, military, police, media all are working on one project to defeat corona. Where everyone stands flowing their humanity, we feel all are in one roof ’’INDIA’’ where no one is rich and no one is poor, no cast discrimination and only bond of brotherhood is seen. Hope not to get difficult situation and the virus gets control fast


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