I want my kids.

HOPE Changes Everything

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Aditi informed the whole incident to Gautam and then convinced Razia to stay that night with her. Razia was worrying about her daughters Heena & Tasneem. She was missing them as both the girls were dependent on her. She was worried about their dinner. Razia said, “Aditi my daughters are alone there. They must be waiting for me. Its dinner time already…I have to feed them and make them sleep.” Razia was way too much stressed with all that happened today.

It is the darkest of all nights for Razia. Aditi managed to make her sleep by giving her some medicines. But before dawn, she was awake. She had made her mind to go back to her house. Aditi got some tea for both of them. Razia said to her, “I need to go back to my kids and my family. They must be waiting for me. I can’t leave my kids all alone. I have decided I will do as Junaid wants me to do. I’ll abort the baby. May be that way Junaid will be happy with me.”

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Taking a deep breath Aditi says, “You need to first relax and calm down Razia. Then only we can figure out the solution to your problem. Remember you are now two souls, one you and the other who has just entered your womb.” But something else was going on in Razia’s mind at that time. She was feeling safe with Aditi but still was worrying about her girls. She apologized to Aditi by saying, “You have tried to help and save me from this situation, and on the contrary I am being rigid and unsupportive. I don’t understand what I should do. I am feeling very weak.”
Both get emotional and shed tears. Aditi bring her in the state of solace by talking and encouraging her.

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After a while, the door bell rang. Razia gets scared hearing the bell, “Junaid must have come to take me away. He’ll kill my baby”. “Calm down Razia, it must be Tanya, she said she’ll come in the morning”, Aditi replied. It was Tanya and her friend Mayra. Mayra runs a NGO, who work for the welfare of women and girls. They offer peace and security to women who face domestic violence and abuse, and help them get the rights. Mayra convinced her that she can handle this case. She said, “We are doing this from long time. No one can stop you if you want to keep your baby. And will bring your daughters to you.”

Meanwhile, Gautam arrived and appreciated the good work they are doing for Razia. He suggested that Razia should file a police complain so that she can live independently with her kids.