India’s Great Achievement in the Year of 2019

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It is a great and proud moment for all Indians and I am very proud to be an Indian. We have completed of 70 decades successfully with day by day up-gradation. Yes, our India and our Indians get updated by day to day because primary we started with agricultural lands, but now we are leading in many businesses and also traveling from other states too. Indians are top in many categories like sports, science and technology, politics, etc.
One most important thing is we are respected by other country people because of tradition. Our Indian culture is very famous and also most of the people following. Let us know about some top achievements where our Indians took first place and improve our country’s standards.

Mission Shakti:

India tested an anti-satellite missile named Mission Shakti and India got success in this test. After the US, Russia, and China, India have tested this mission so that India becomes the fourth country in the world. This missile was launched by DRDO it is a great achievement for our Indian scientists.
The anti-satellite missile has the capability to shoot down the satellite enemies in the orbit. The mission was completely developed in India only. Now our Indian scientists take towards space security.


The second lunar exploration mission, which was developed by an Indian space research organization is Chandrayan-2 after Chandrayan-1. The mission consists of Vikram Lander, a lunar orbiter, and Pragyan lunar rover. The mission was launched from Satish Dhawan space center on 22nd august 2019. It is a great achievement of India because it was developed by India’s own. It faces some issues with Vikram Lander firstly, but later it was rectified by our Indian scientists make the mission was successful. The aim of Chandrayan 2 is to circle the moon for providing information about its surface.

Noble prize in Economics:

The Nobel memorial prize was awarded combined to Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo, and Michael Kremer in this year for their experimental approach to alleviating global poverty. The Nobel award named Sveriges Riksbank in memory of Alfred Nobel 2019. Their research could reduce poverty so very helpful for the people. This memorial award was awarded on 14th October 2019 from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Triple talaq:

Triple talaq is an instant divorce, this process is going on with Muslims. Muslim men can say talaq as three times to his wife for instant divorce not as words he can pass this with text messages, emails, phone calls, or by using any other social media. Muslim women seriously disagree with this act so that they all went to court for justice. After many discussions finally the women’s got success on 1 august 2019. The Indian supreme court declared as the triple talaq act is an illegal thing.

Train 18 (Vande Bharat Express):

The Vande Bharat Express from Delhi to Katra was launched by the Union home minister Amit Shah on 15th February 2019. The train was designed in the shape of a bullet train and the train is completely air-conditioned. The usual trains take 12 hours to travel Katra from Delhi but this Vande Bharat train takes only 8 hours to reach Katra from Delhi. The train has many benefits for passengers like there is space for meals for passengers, adjustable seats, automatic doors, wifi services, and modern wash basins.
The train is capable of 200 kilometers per hour speed so that only it reduces the traveling time from Delhi to Katra. Vande Bharat Express is also known as Train 18.

The Pink City named as a Worlds Heritage site by UNESCO:

We have the number of heritage sites all over our India which are in the UNESCO world heritage list. Jaipur also takes place in that UNESCO heritage list. The historic walled city won after its 43rd session of the UNESCO world heritage committee. By Jaipur city, the world heritage UNESCO list increased to 38. So now the pink city is named as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

Hima Das won five gold medals in a month:

Hima Das had achieved her 5th gold medal in July month. She is from the state of Assam and she is the first Indian to win a gold medal at IAAF world U20 champions. She has a farmer’s background and she is just 19 years old. This is very great to mention that she is an Indian and that too she is a woman.
Her first race is with 200 meters on July 2nd in Poland from Poznan Athletics Grand Prix and she wins the race by 23.65 seconds. Her 2nd race is also 200 meters on July 7th in Poland from Kutno Athletics meet, she wins in the time of 23.97 seconds. On July 13th she wins her third medal for the same 200 meters in the time of 23.43 seconds from Kladno Athletics meet in Czech. Her 4th win is also from the same country on July 17th.
Finally, her 5th medal is on July 21st with the season-best time 52.09 seconds for 400 meters under the Nove Mesto nad Metuji Grand Prix meet.

After 71 years India won their test series in Australia:

The Indian cricket team registered name in history by winning their first-ever test series in Australia at Sydney cricket ground. The team was led by Virat Kohli. It is a very proud moment for our Indian cricket team because after 71 years of unsuccessful series they won the test series. Our Indian is leading with 322 runs.
In this year Loksabha election India lags the world with the highest-ever voter turnout:
The data which was collected by the Indian election commission was stated that the high turnout is up to 67.11% this year. From 2014 elections to 2019 elections the voters are increased, the overall difference from previous election this year’s election is 9.59%. This data is for 542 constituencies.

BWF (Badminton World Federation) finals title:

The world badminton champion P V Sindhu won the final title from India. This was the P V Sindhu’s fifth world championships medal. P V Sindhu makes India proud again as a lady. Sindhu won this medal in just 38 minutes of the game. The badminton world federation (BWF) final title is owned by our Indian this also a proud moment for all Indians.

Article 370:

This year a big decision taken from the Indian Government and declaring Jammu and Kashmir as a UT by implementing the act of article 370. Jammu and Kashmir is a divided state Ladakh, Kashmir valley, and Jammu is in the control of India and the other region of Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir in the control of Pakistan. Recently a dispute was raised on it and by the act of article 370, the government declared it as the two states are union territories.

Wing commander Abhi Nandan becomes the first pilot to shoot down an f16:

The Indian wing commander Abhinandan Varthaman piloted the Indian air force Mig-21 Bison. He was a pawn for 60 hours in Pakistan after his aircraft was shot down during the aerial dogfight. He has received the award of Vir Chakra in august 2019 for his braveness in Pakistan and for his respect towards India. The war, which was started by Pakistan is failing in front of our Indian army. He clashed with the local people later he was saved by the Pakistan army. He has some valuable evidence with him, he wants to save that proof and evidence from India and finally, he did that after many problems.

Ram Mandir:

The Lord birthplace in Ayodhya, Ram is believed to be the seventh avatar of the Hindu Lord Vishnu. There are many disputes between Hindus and Muslims because of the construction of Ram Mandir and Badri Masjid. The place is in Uttar Pradesh. There are uncountable discussions was done for this site, at last, the court was declared that the land belongs to ram.
The five judges from Supreme Court ordered that the land handed over to trust to build the Hindu lord ram temple on 9th November 2019. The government also declared that the alternate 5 acres of land give to build the mosque.

Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB):

The citizenship amendment bill 2019 was opposed by many governments, but the Indian government approved this activity. The three Muslims from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan were seeking India’s citizenship. But the government passed a rule that is before 31st December 2014 who visits India was only got citizenship. This act is only under the trust and exclusion of religions between people. India states that India a pure country by this act.

These are the different achievements of our India and it will not be finished. It will be grown to day by day and our Indians make history and also keeps India name in history. So our India is not small beside any country we proudly say that India is our country.


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