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Isha Kriya – A Spiritual Programm by Sadhguru

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Isha Kriya is an element of Yoga science’s eternal wisdom. Sadhguru explains Isha Kriya, a basic yet effective technique. “The wellspring of creation” is Isha, and “inner effort” is kriya. The primary goal of Isha-kriya is to assist the individual in connecting with his inner self. It allows one to design a life according to one’s desires. With daily and consistent Isha-kriya practice, one can achieve more emotional balance, attention, focus, stability, and overall health.

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Many scientific studies have got conducted to determine the many advantages of practicing Isha Kriya daily—both in terms of brain activity during the Kriya and statistical study into how it improves people’s health and well-being.

Isha Kriya Yoga

Isha Kriya Yoga, as introduced by Sadhguru, is a simple yet effective practice based on science’s ageless truth. It has the potential to transform the life of anybody prepared to devote just a few minutes per day to it. Isha Kriya is a simple yet effective method of transitioning from lying to the truth. Isha Kriya Yoga is a portion of science’s eternal knowledge. Isha Yoga is a strategy for bringing the body and mind to their full potential while dealing with the fast pace of modern life. One can live life to the fullest according to one’s goal and vision through Isha Kriya meditation.

What Is The Isha Foundation?

The Isha Foundation is a non-profit organization entirely run by volunteers who charge nothing to serve there. Sadhguru created it to bring individual and global harmony and progress. The foundation offers a variety of spiritual activities, including yoga, to help you alter your life. It allows you to understand the ancient discipline of yoga and provides various programs to improve your general well-being.

How To Do Isha Kriya Yoga?

With a cross in front of you, sit facing east. Maintain a comfortable straight back. Your palms should face up and your hands should be open on your thighs. Sit with your facelifted and your eyes slightly raised. Maintain a small concentration in the area between your brows. here is the video of learning Isha kriya by sadhguru..

Isha Meditation

There will be three stages to this meditation.

The first stage is to take calm, deep breaths and relax. Say in your head each time you take a breath in: ‘I am not this body,’ and continue breathing with this thinking. Say to yourself every time you exhale, ‘I am not even this mind,’ and continue breathing with this idea. Perform this exercise for 5 to 12 minutes.

The second stage is to keep your mouth open and emit a lengthy ‘Aa… (A)’ sound. Just below the navel, the sound should get heard. It’s not necessary to speak it loudly to experience its energy. It must get repeated seven times. Exhale thoroughly each time you make this sound.

Shambhavi Maha Mudra

Shambhavi Maha Mudra is a simple yet powerful act of profound inner change that is taught in Sadhguru’s core program Isha Yoga method.


Sadhguru’s Bhava-Spandana method allows people to experience higher planes of awareness beyond the limitations of their bodies and minds. It gives you the chance to feel infinite love and joy.

How to Get Started With Isha Kriya?

Both meditation and yoga are taught in workshops at Isha Centres around the world. What you need to know about the workshops is as follows:

  1. The workshops are open to anybody over the age of seven.
  2. There are no requirements or limitations of fitness or meditation or yoga knowledge.
  3. The workshops last 45 minutes, 60 minutes, or 90 minutes, with the option of scheduling repeated sessions on any given day.
  4. Each exercise in the session lasts anything from five to twenty-one minutes.
  5. Following the completion of the sessions, you will continue to get digital and other forms of assistance.
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How It Is Different From Other Yoga And Wellness Programs?

You’ve certainly heard of numerous spiritual and health programs, but this one differs in several ways. Some of its characteristics are as follows:

The three pillars of breath, consciousness and thinking are the core emphasis of this exercise. It demonstrates how they can be combined in the appropriate way to successfully channel the mind and body. As a result, you’ll be able to live more creatively and effortlessly.

Creating space between body and mind

This exercise helps you to create distance between your body, mind, and your true self. It allows you to let go of all karmic baggage, including the past, future, and unconscious mind. These things no longer have any power over you once you let go of them. You may open life of great potential if you are free of the restricting qualities of yourself.

Yoga, Isha Kriya meditation, and energy transformations are all part of the programs. There are no prerequisites in terms of physical fitness or prior knowledge. Isn’t it cool? All programs are individually designed for each individual, regardless of their socioeconomic or cultural origins.

Benefits Of Isha Kriya

When you meditate, you construct a barrier between yourself and your thoughts, and you start to feel calm. As a result, tension and anxiety are reduced, and mental alertness and attention are improved. When you practice this Kriya, your mind will be at ease, your life will be healthy, and your zest for life will grow.

Shambhavi Mahamudra’s practice strengthened self-awareness. Regular exercise also clearly helps heart health and lowers the risk of a variety of diseases, including high blood pressure, depression, and menstruation problems. Because your existence is no longer controlled through your past, every breath becomes an essential opportunity in your life. You are living life to the fullest while you sit here. It becomes simple to live.


Isha means “the one who is the wellspring of creation,” and Kriya means “inner effort” in Isha-kriya. The basic goal of Isha-kriya is to assist the individual in connecting with his inner self.


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