It’s A Mirror, Your Friend

Beauty lies in the beholder’s eyes
And the image in the mirror sometimes lies
Gorgeous smile, good look and style
Where in the sign of pride hides

All days has always been the same
But at once the mirror show you dare
Stress and worries wrinkle your face
Mirror here comes to show real image

Silky and shinny beauty appears in light
But the real smile is not always live
It’s a mirror, who knows you very well
Sometimes your darks reflects your rear

It’s a mirror your friend, a bestie
Encourage, please and lives with you
Give examples of strength and beauty
But alarms you on your running Age

We always know how the world is? If you feel you have not a pretty face you feel low to stand in front of mirror. But mirror is the only one to help you to make perfect. Not only looks can gain the heart but equality good beings with their deeds easily gains other people heart. Softly spoken words also touches the heart so quickly. but the best thing ever is our humanity and our self proud for a good being is hidden in the reflection.

Mirror always shows a beautiful face and if there is a spot it notify us to hide it with a new makeover. But someday also comes when it reflects your deeper hidden secret or your pain which is buried in your core of heart. Any mark has its own story and it will take you to the past. it also sometimes shake your self esteem if you were wrong somewhere. But Mirror is your friend when it visualise your past it also inspire to move forward.
It hides the secrets and show us a new face. Also it alarms us of our running age, which shows the numbers of twists and ups and downs we faces in our life. As we grew older our experience of life gets stronger.

It’s a Mirror, Your Friend – It is a piece written for poetry challenge in Sheroes Poetry Community.

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