Benefits of Jaggery in our daily meal.

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We Indians love to have a sweet dish in our daily meal. Weather it may be in the form of sweets, murrabbas or chhundas, sweet pickle or ice cream as a dessert. But many of us uses jaggery(gur) in our daily meal. This is the product of sugarcane and the date palm.

Usually jaggery is considered good to to have before starting any new rituals or after completing any good task. For example, we take it before our exam or interview as a good luck sign. We have it as a good sign while before engagement. It is also used in different ‘Puja’ as a Prasad.

In Gujarat, ‘Laddus’ are made from wheat flour and Jaggery. In Maharashtra, Jaggery is used in making ‘Puran poli‘, In Andhra Pradesh, it is used for making ‘Chakkar Pongal’ and ‘Milk Pongal’.

Our elder’s, usually say that it is good for health, but do we all know about its importance in our daily dish. Straight away I come to the point that it is very good to nourish us with vitamins. Jaggery contains minerals like Zinc and Selenium, which helps to prevent free radicals responsible for early ageing. It also helps in digestion of bard and cleanse the liver by flushing out toxins from the body.

It contains 98 % carbohydrates and about 97% of sugar content. You will be shocking to know that 10 grams of jaggery provides 38 calories. And it contains many vital vitamins and minerals which gives nourishment to our skin and prevent many skin problem such as acne and pimples.

It prevents constipation as it activates digestive enzymes in the body. It fights against cold and cough. It purifies blood when consumed on regular basis. It is an natural treatment for menstrual problems, especially providing relief from cramps. Prevent anemia. It boosts intestinal health and prevents respiratory problem. It helps in strengthening bones and relieves joint pain. Helps in controlling blood pressure.

So it is better to have it with our daily meal. A piece of jaggery in our daily meal provide us with internal strength. Also, Diabetic patients who have to avoid sugar switch towards jaggery to bring some sweetness in their meal. And have all nutrients intake with it


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