7 Tips to Judge your Diamond is Real or Fake

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The shining and sparkling diamond is the costliest gem which is loved by everyone. Diamonds add on the beauty and give royal appearance to the owner. No matter if there is any wedding or a party to attend, or going on a date, women always adore wearing diamonds. Diamond jewelries such as earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and pendent are always desired by a woman. Diamond ring is mostly valued as engagement ring which is attached with love and emotions. It adds the beauty to the beauty. No doubt everyone loves it but, do everyone know, how to judge it? How to judge the diamond is real or fake? Many duplicates are available in diamond jewelry, and it looks similar as real one, due to which anyone can get cheated. Sometimes it becomes difficult to judge the real and fake diamond. To be aware of that, only purchase a real one with a known and recognized jeweler. here are following 7 tips to judge your diamond is real or fake at home:

  1. First you rub your diamond on a sand paper, if your diamond is original it would not get any scratch as it itself is a hard metal and if it is a fake one it would easily be scratched by rubbing.
  2. Judge your diamond with magnifying glass. Original diamonds are naturally found so they are imperfect with their carbon and the fake one is always machine made so they tend to be perfect. So while concentrating on their shape by magnifying glass you will get the idea of which one is real and which one is fake.
  3. Look at the sparkling of your diamond in appropriate light. Diamonds are transparent so lights easily pass through them. The gemstone would shine as white light that emits from the surface and inside of a diamond and is called as brilliance. The light that enters a diamond is split into rainbow colors on to the other surface. This dispersed light is known as the “fire” of the diamond.
  4. Light will bounce in opposite direction when reflected on diamond and it will pass through other gemstone.
  5. Original diamond can scratch your mirror with its edge but duplicate one cannot, as diamond is very hard gem and it is specially used to cut the mirror.
  6. Observe your diamonds edges with the help of a loupe. A real one would have sharp edges whereas fake stone will have rounded edges.
  7. Diamonds can be tested by fog test. When air is blown from the mouth on the top surface of the diamond there will be zero appearance of fog and that in other stone it will appear for few seconds.

The given tips are helpful to judge your diamond is real or fake. Diamond is the king of gemstones and when studded in a rich metal, a masterpiece of the most lavish jewelry is made.

Diamond’s shine and glitter depends on four “C” i.e. Carat, Clarity, Color and Cut. These four “C”s are graded with GIA scales as shown below:

Carat: Diamond is weighted by metric carat. Five carat is equal to one gram and one carat is divided into 100 numbers. 50 number of diamond means it is equal to 0.50 carat.
Weight Diagram

Clarity: Blemishes on the surface of the diamond, limit the amount of light to enter in the diamond. So clarity of the diamond will affect its actual property to shine. Clarity refers to the inclusions, or tiny birthmarks on a diamond. The fewer inclusions, the more expensive, pure, and rare the diamond is.
Clarity Scale

Color: Most of diamonds are little yellowish and brown in shade. But the white diamond is very rare and costly. GIA gives the exact color of the diamond in alphabetical order from d to z. Diamond of category D is known to be the purest one.
Color Scale

Cut: The cut that enhance the brilliance of a diamond to get the best gleam as if the shape is too deep or shallow it will not give its actual shine.
Cut Grade Scale

If you find your diamond is not a real one then what it could be? It could be White Topaz, White Sapphire, Cubic Zirconium, Moissanite, Garnet, Rutile, Spinel or Lab grown diamond. Lets find out in our next post “Gems that are like Diamonds!


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