Kankaria Carnival in Ahmedabad

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Carnivals are always a huge celebration of numerous events with a beautiful blend of talents performed and organized in various countries. In India, we are very much familiar with the carnivals celebrated in Goa. Goa was ruled by the Portuguese and they made the custom to celebrate this. This was from there, that it is vibrantly celebrated and developed all over the state. Many people be a part of this, some in organizing events, some in funding, some in showing their talents and rest just in enjoying this big event.

In Ahmedabad, a big event known as the Kankaria Carnival is held every year from 2008 at Kankaria. In this year, Kankaria Lake was redeveloped and became the main attraction spot for the families to enjoy their weekends. It has become the point of school or family picnic. It is the best for morning walk lovers where they are not charged any entry fees from 4.00 AM to 7.30 AM. Ticket free entry is applicable during Carnival festival too.

Kankaria Lake is known as the second largest lake of Ahmedabad with five gates around five kilometers of walking area. Centre of this lake is specially developed with colorful fountains and laser light shows showing various stories and songs and pictures of Indian Map, Map of Gujarat, India Gate, Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, etc. Here, the landscape area is provided for sitting where approximately 300-400 people can sit at a time to watch the show but they allow only 60-70 people at a time. This center portion is known as Naginawadi.

People also enjoy boating in the lake and Toy Train Ride despite waiting for long in a ticket queue. During Carnivals, gates are decorated with multicolor balloons. While walking around, we can see different programs going on. Beautiful dance and drama stage performances are given by the children, parades are held, catapult bungee jumping, inflatable cartoon characters interact with children for entertainment, and as this carnival is during Christmas, how can we forget Santa. Santa Clause is seen distributing chocolates and dances with the kids.

Various game zone gathers a high amount of crowd. Also, educational and yoga teachings are involved in this carnival. It is the biggest attraction of audience during this period. Boating is another point of attraction. Multiple ride facilities are available here. Water rides, helium balloon, big fish aquariums with every kind of fish are seen here. Mirror images and Bhulbhulaiya is also available here. Variety of butterflies collection can be seen during the celebration. Open air theatre is another point of attraction. Kankaria is famous for its food stalls, which serves a variety of mouth-watering food and drinks.

This is the best place to visit during carnival where everything comes under one place and people enjoy and have a funfilled holiday. To acknowledge people with different skills and talent, this big event is organized by the Government spending around 2 to 5 crore each year for the public. During the last two days of the carnival, firecrackers are seen lighting up the sky after 8.00 at night. Multiple events are held on and multiple companies get involved in it.

Carnival is celebrated here for seven days from Christmas to the New year day. It has been a successful and biggest social gathering beside any caste discrimination. This carnival is been enjoyed with full enthusiasm. Prevailing the heritage of Ahmedabad (Kankaria Lake), AMC has successfully proved PPP model with returns of the revenue and well-maintained heritage property. Making more historic, the children’s train ( Atal Express) is always a point of attraction. Kankaria Carnival is a great way to enjoy with your family and friends and celebrate the festival of Christmas.


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