Kidney Beans: The Healthiest Protein Rich Food

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Kidney beans or Rajma in India, are famous in North Indian Cuisine. Rajma Chawal or Rajma curry of Punjab has mouth watering spicy taste that everyone loves the most. Peerah the place in Jammu, is also famous for Rajma Chawal for its spicy tastes. Beyond taste, one should always look towards the health benefits of our food intake. Kidney beans are healthiest protein rich food with minerals, fibers and vitamins in it.

Kidney beans are grown in North Indian State of Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and in the Hills of Nepal. Kidney beans are shaped just like as kidneys as per the name. Mainly kidney beans are two types one is red kidney beans and another one is white kidney beans. These beans contains high fiber contents than other beans so they are helpful to reduce risk in different health issues.

A person can eat kidney beans with rice or else boiled beans, dry beans and also make those as a salad with some other vegetables like tomato and scallions also add lemon juice and olive oil. Kidney beans are excellent in protein source it will helpful for vegetarians. By having the kidney beans in diet we can avoid the following health issues:

  1. Hypertension: Fiber, potassium, magnesium, and proteins in kidney beans are useful to reduce hypertension. The formation of these elements maintains normal blood pressure and smooth blood flow.
  2. Headache: Migraine is the major issues for students and some elders that having a lot of pain. Headache is very painful and disturbs mind diverts from others work. The magnesium in kidney beans stabilizes the migraine. Due to lack of magnesium a person can move to asthma. A kidney bean stabilizes the magnesium levels in the body.
  3. Hair and skin repair: Vitamin B6 in kidney beans is used to help in repair of skin and hair. It controls the hair fall and skin diseases. Vitamin B6 is also useful for preventing any sort of issues for the eye.
  4. Over weight: Overweight and obesity are the major things faced by many people, and to reduce that they are doing lot of things like walking, exercising, drinking lemon and honey water, etc. They all are must but by also adding kidney beans to your regular diet  can help to achieve efficient results. So people who are dealing with overweight and obesity need to include kidney beans in their diet.
  5. Constipation: A kidney beans contains soluble and insoluble fibers which are helpful in digestion and it prevents constipation.
  6. Increase Memory: Kidney beans are rich in vitamin B1 which helps to improve the functionality of brain and boosts memory. Children’s are having a problem with memory and concentration in studies. So make the habit of eating kidney beans to every child from their childhood.
  7. Detoxify Body: Present days most of all going to restaurants for food and eating outside food that is dangerous for health because the food is fully bonded with a lot of preservation which contains sulfite. Sulfite is toxic to the body so kidney beans act as detoxifying to the body.
  8. Lower cholesterol: A lot of the people suffer from cholesterol which is also effects for heart and may cause heart attacks. Kidney beans reduce the cholesterol to maintain the proper health system so that somebody can avoid risks from heart attacks and cholesterol.
  9. Iron Deficiency: Iron is the thing which every person needs but especially vegetarians, pregnant ladies, children’s, menstruating women who are having more iron deficiency. A kidney bean gives a boost up to the iron stores in the body. Because of that, we can improve the lack of iron deficiency.
  10. Lower sugar level: Soluble fibers present in kidney beans can also be helpful in balancing blood sugar levels while providing steady, slow-burning energy.
  11. Muscles Strength: It has a high quantity of amino acids which is known as chemical it combines with protein and gives muscle strength. The calcium presents in beans makes bones stronger. It also maintains bone health, joint health, and fractures.
  12. Lower heart issues: Kidney beans also contribute to regulate risk of heart attack as it contains high proteins, vitamins, fibers and antioxidants.

Women’s are mostly affected with breast cancer due to that they are facing many problems and unpleasant situations. To reduce the risks from that choose kidney beans and maintain the diet as two or three days per week it will maintain the proper range of blood pressure and takes down the danger gradually to a normal level.

So everyone should maintain their diet with kidney beans it helps to reduce health issues. Kidney beans are helpful to health but high quantities of beans are not recommended. Make sure that three days per week is only preferred to eat kidney beans.

Health is the wealth for all so maintain perfect to live long and do all things which need to be completed in time. Kidney beans are the healthiest food to reduce a lot of health risks. So make sure that diet with beans and keep health in order.

Note: It is a danger to eat raw kidney beans because it has some lectin proteins it may cause food poisoning. The digestion system is interfering with that lectins and leads to cyanide. So it is safe to eat after cooked or boiled.


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