Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

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The “Trick or Treat” time of the year is here. Everyone around the town shows great passion during Halloween. They enjoy decorating their house with fall décor, carved pumpkins, and scary graveyards. Halloween events are organized in the community from days before the festival. All kids as well as grown-ups dressed up in different costumes from sweet to scary can be seen during Halloween. The most interesting part of Halloween is to see little kids planning ahead of time to dress up in their favorite costume.

Boys like to be dressed up in their favorite cartoon characters from Spider Man, Star Wars, Ninja, and Harry Potter, whereas young girls go with Disney Princess costumes like Snow White, Cinderella, Elsa, or their favorite Super Girl. And some kids even like to wear their favorite food costumes like pizza, donuts, burger, taco, and fries. The one costume that is in trend these days is the Incredibles. It’s so cool to see the whole family dress up as the Incredibles.

Some prefer to look cute while others go with the creepiest costumes, after all its Halloween. But it can be super stressful at last minute when your kids don’t have Halloween Costumes to wear in the evening. So we have got you some DIY costumes that are super easy to make and I am sure the kids will enjoy it.

Watermelon Dress:

Take the red color dress from the closet, and stitch a green colored fabric strip which is about an inch at the tip of the dress. Now take a black fabric and cut it into small drop shaped pieces and stick it all around the red dress which will be the watermelon seeds. Don’t forget to maintain certain distance while sticking the seeds. Finally the beautiful Watermelon Dress is ready to wear.

Fairy Princess:

Little girls look adorable when they are dressed as princess. They even enjoy being a Fairy Princess who likes to do magic with her wand. Princess dress comes in variety of colors but the best of all is the pink colored which makes girls look prettier. So dress up your princess with a pink dress, with a crown on her head, and give her the wand to spill some magic.

Mime Artist:

Mime artist is a person who performs in theaters by his emotions, without using words that means using gestures and movements to act out. It’s super easy to design this costume as it doesn’t require much stuff. Just dress up by wearing black pants, black and white striped full sleeves t-shirt, with a black hat, and a red scarf tied on the neck. Paint the face with white color, and highlight the eyebrows with a black liner. Finish the look with red/black lipstick. This dress up looks unique and it will not cost you much.

Grapes Costume:

All you need is some balloons to make a Grape costume.  Blow up small sized balloons and tie them closely using a string. You can choose violet or green colored balloons. Now stick the string of balloons to a matching dress which will look like bunch of grapes and the beautiful costume is ready.


Incredibles dress is super easy to make. You can make this costume for your toddler, big kids, and for your partner and yourself. You just need a red onesies, a black undies, black eye mask, and black boots.  And to complete the look put on your black gloves and a gold belt.

Children enjoy Halloween as they get tons of candies around the neighborhood and they like to dress up in something different than usual. All these costumes are super easy to make and are cost effective. Kids will love wearing these costumes for Halloween. Do share with us, how did you dress up your kids this Halloween?


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