Let’s Do It!

HOPE Changes Everything
PART 12: Let's Do It!

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Mayra was realistic though she was worried about Razia and her families break up. She wanted her to live happily. Mayra always wanted to have a complete family as she didn’t have one. Her parents separated when she was a teenager. That had a very bad impact on her. Her mom suffered a lot. She faced brutality and abuse throughout her life. She didn’t want Mayra to suffer so she decided to take a stand for herself. She decided to live on her own terms. So she took a divorce and stayed blissfully with Mayra.

From that time on, Mayra decided that she would not let any women surfer as her mom did. She is strong and practical just like her mom; who can handle everything but her inner heart always wanted to see a complete family which was missing from her childhood days. When she saw Razia going through such pain, she decided that it won’t happen again. As if she was seeing the same things happening again that had occurred long back. She will stand for her and support her during her worst time.

Mayra then invited Tanya and Aditi at her house. So, they can come up with some plan to make Junaid realize his mistakes. Mayra was very kindhearted as she always tried to cheer up the girls. “Look what I got here! Who wants to have some yummy Pizza and some delicious Ice Cream?” said Mayra. Tasneem & Heena were excited, “Wow Pizza & Ice Cream…I want some please. Thank you Aunty.” Kids had their meal and went to bed. But Mayra & Razia were waiting for Tanya and Aditi. In some time, they both arrived. Tanya says, “Girls first let’s eat, I am starving like anything.” They all had their dinner and after that, they started having their conversation.

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Finally they come to a conclusion that they will try to convince Junaid by recollecting the sweet moments of their Love. And if still he doesn’t accept Razia and her baby, then they will sue him. Razia opposed saying, “Please I don’t want Junaid to get into any legal trouble. If he loves me and my girls, he will accept me or else I’ll survive without him.” Razia was not ready to file a case against him because she loved him and didn’t want him to suffer.

But these were the only two options through which they could get them back together. Razia & Junaid’s relation was very critical at the moment. A small wrong step would ruin their family. Gautam had thought of the same plan when he knew about Razia. When Aditi informed him about this, he readily agreed to help.

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