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Hello friends, I am very happy to announce that we are honored with the “Liebster Award 2017”. Liebster Award is presented to new bloggers who have started their blogs recently. Liebster is a german word which means dearest or beloved. The idea behind this award is to recognize new bloggers and help promote them. It is a way to motivate and encourage them for all the hard work they do. I am way too excited for this award as it is my first award. It has inspired me to keep up my writings and keep Blogging. Thank you so much for your kind gesture Carmel Reeves for nominating me. You all can check out her beautiful and informative blog about living a smart life with saving money and time at

Liebster Award
Carmel has set a few questions for me to answer. So, here goes my reply.

Your number one blog tip?

My number one blog tip will be to share away your thoughts and knowledge with your audience through your blog posts. This will help the audience to connect with you and your blog, which will eventually result in development of the blog. Initially it might be difficult to get followers but over time your blog can get consistent followers.

Favorite blog post?

My favorite blog posts are in fact two of them. Magnificent Mary and Mom and Daughter’s Love!
‘Magnificent Mary’ reveals the real story of a common North East Indian girl who with many hardships and troubles in life, worked hard to fulfill her dream of becoming a well-known Boxer. She has made India proud by winning numerous awards in India as well as worldwide. She is a true inspiration to all the women who wants to achieve success in life, with great enthusiasm and commitment.

‘Mom and Daughters Love’ depicts the true meaning of a mom and daughter’s relation. The love and bond they share is immense. A daughter brings joy and laughter in everyone’s lives, and tries to be just like her mom. She is the one who makes the family complete and spreads the happiness around. We should have a complete STOP to girl abortions. They deserve to live a beautiful life with all the love, care, and respect. A daughter is a precious gift, learn to SAVE them.

Item you can’t live without?

From last few months, my journal, phone and my laptop are the things I can’t live without. After getting into blogging, I always have these things around me, specially my journal. Whenever a thought or any idea about a new blog post comes to my mind, or any topic that I find interesting to write on it, I just note it down in my journal.

Best deal of your life?

The best deal of my life is investing my time for this blog. I am able to connect with all my readers around the Globe. I have been sharing my feelings, thoughts and knowledge with all my readers and in return I am getting their love and encouragement.

Now I have to nominate 5 new bloggers with followers less than 200, but I have nominated few others. And the nominations for the next Liebster Award are:

Congratulations to you all!!! You all are doing an awesome job.

Here are some of my questions for you to answer:

  • Tell us about your blog?
  • How did you start blogging?
  • What and who motivates you to write?
  • Tell us about your favorite blog post?
  • What are your hobbies other than as a blogger?

Liebster Award comes with few easy “RULES”.

Write a Liebster Award Blog Post in which:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you for the Liebster Award.
  • Link back to the blogger who awarded you
  • Upload the award to your blog, in the post and can also be done in the sidebar.
  • Answer the questions you have been asked.
  • Nominate 5 blogs with followers less than 200, you believe deserve to receive the award.
  • Notify the 5 nominated bloggers so that they can accept the award. Bloggers can be nominated more than once, giving their readers more chances to learn more about them.

My dear bloggers don’t forget to follow the rules. Wishing you all the best. Please do drop me a link to your blog post so I can check out your answers to my questions.


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