Life is unpredictable.

HOPE Changes Everything
PART 16: Life is unpredictable.

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Two and a half months have passed but Razia’s determination didn’t decline. Razia has joined Tanya at her work. She has been learning the modern style and patterns, and latest designing trends in today’s fashion. She is also practicing her skills in embroidery and beading. She is giving her best and very motivated and dedicated towards her work. And she is strictly following Aditi’s advice about her health, diet & medication. Mayra’s house was having a refurbishment, so she sent Razia & her daughters to her guest house.

Razia has to go for her ultrasound. She already made an appointment with Dr.Aditi but before going she wanted the permission from Tanya as she was working under her guidance. Razia asked her, “Tanya, can I take a break for 2 hours. I’ll be back after lunch.” Tanya worriedly said, “What’s the matter Razia? Are you not feeling well? You can take off for the rest of the day and go home and take rest. She replied, “No, that is not the matter. I need to see Dr.Aditi as I have to go for my ultrasound.” “Why didn’t you say first? I’ll take you to the hospital” said Tanya.

Razia had her ultrasound done and the baby was doing perfectly fine. She & Tanya happily came out of the hospital looking at the images of the baby. Tanya said, “It’s a wonderful feeling for every mother to see their baby growing, and that too in the womb is miraculous.” “That’s true Tanya; it is the most powerful creation to have life growing inside of you” replied Razia. But they were not aware that someone is watching them. It was Junaid. He wanted to see Razia. He hadn’t seen her since the time they separated. He wanted to know, how she was doing, how is her health. Junaid was hiding himself behind the tree in the parking lot. He was missing Razia very much, but didn’t have the courage to express his feelings.

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He hardly saw her sight and she left with Tanya. He thought, “I couldn’t even see her once. What kind of husband I am, I should have been with her at this moment, taking care of her, she needed me the most.” He walked back towards his car on the other end of the road. He was in deep thought and didn’t even realize where he was. He was thinking about Razia all the time.

Suddenly, he heard a noise. It was a car heading towards him along the main road. The voice of the engine got louder and louder as it approached to him. The car was moving at great speed. The driver blew the horn again and again. But by the time Junaid could move, he got hit.