Life of Jasuben: A Real Story

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Hawkers unknowingly play an important role in our lives. They bring us goods right at our door whether its fruits, vegetables, flowers, milk or newspaper; the list is endless. But many of these hawkers have to struggle hard to earn their living. They spend more than 12 hours every day doing their job but still can’t earn enough for their family. One of them is Jasuben who is a hard working lady about to complete 71 years next month. She is living with her family in a small town in Gujarat, India. Once there was easy going life, as her husband was selling vegetables in his cart and going from street to street to earn. And Jasuben too was selling vegetables on her head in a basket and moved from one street to another, one door to another. She was happy with her four sons and 3 daughter-in-laws in her family. They all lived together in a joint family. Jasuben, her husband and her two sons were working enough so that they all could eat their two meals.

This was a simple and hard working family with no needs much to be satisfied. They earn and eat, no savings bother them. They had a small piece of land little far from their village. All were satisfied with the basic need of life and that was bard & shelter. They all lived a happy life.

But life is not always easy. One day accidently her husband passed away. She lost her main support. She had a hard time when her daughter-in-laws started misbehaving with her. All the demands were forwarded to Jasuben, and she was not capable to fulfill that. She had to sell the land for the peace in the family. Again having nothing in hand hurts her more.

Life of Jasuben: A Real Story

She again started working. She was collecting vegetables from the wholesale market from Vapi early morning and then travelling to Daman by bus. She carried 10-15 kg weighted basket loaded with vegetables on her head everyday and some day’s fruits too. Sometimes she also managed to make two trips from Vapi to Daman bringing vegetables. She walked every street, knocking every house, in each apartment, to sell as much as she could. From the same, she keeps aside vegetables for herself.

Jasuben and her daughter-in-laws relationship are not that good. But her son cares for her. He took her to Haridwar Yatra. It was difficult for him to travel to a far place as they were financially weak but he managed to take her mother. She was a proud mother. After coming back from the Yatra, she gets busy with her routine life. Again she started her work. Over the years, her body became weak and now she can’t carry much load. Then too, she is working in the same manner. Hope she don’t face any more troubles in her life.

This was the story of Jasuben a hawker. We have seen how she tries to fulfill the needs of her family and her house. How much hard work, she is doing from morning till evening. No matter rain or shine, she was always on time. And we know that all vendors always charge a bit more. But I personally think not to bargain with such person who is always in need. The price is worth their hard work and effort they do to bring you fresh fruits or vegetables right at your door. We are not affected with that extra price, but that little can help to run someone’s house.


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