5 Best Lipstick Brands that offers beautiful Nude Shades

Lipstick is an important element of makeup and a must in our beauty bag. Lipstick enhances our appearance and makes our lips look more attractive. Some even feel confident and happy when wearing them. Some might be fond of bright and bold colors while others would love to wear light shades. And there are some who do not want bright colors during regular days or when at work. They choose light touch up on their lips just to look natural. Lips without any lipstick appear rough and dry which dulls the entire look of the face. Besides lipstick, there are other options to nourish our lips such as lip gloss, lip balm, and lip oil. But these will not give you the perfect look. So to complete your look without using any bright colored lipsticks, you could opt of nude shades that come in a variety of colors from peach, pink, mocha, mauve and are in huge demand among girls of all age.

Lipsticks can help you finish your look or it can be a look in itself when you don’t feel like putting that makeup. To get the best finish, you can select the ones from matte, glossy, or sheer.   Lipsticks should be long lasting, hydrating, and should have soft, smooth, and creamy texture. When you don’t feel like wearing a bright or regular dark colored shade, then try switching to lipsticks with nude shades which looks like original lip color. Nude lipsticks can be applied directly but to get a smooth finishing, apply first concealer or primer to your lips to help fill in any cracks or creases. This will also prevent the lip color from feathering or bleeding from the lip line and helps to stay longer. Use a creamy moisturizer liner on the outer surface of the lips and then apply your shade.

Nude lipsticks are also available in cream based contents which will moisturize your lips and make it look soft and plump. Choosing a nude lipstick, one shade lighter or darker than your complexion, will flatter your skin tone. These lipsticks are available in neutral, pink, orange, beige, purple, and red colors. Nude lipsticks can enhance your overall look when paired with Smokey Eye makeup. Many Bollywood and Hollywood actresses are seen using just a nude lipstick paired with Smokey eyes makeup and look elegant and stylish. I have got some known brands of lipsticks that offer lipsticks in beautiful nude shades.

  1. Lakme Enrich Satin: Light pink to shining peach shades of Lakme enrich satin are 565, 564, and 567. These are of similar shades lipstick with very slender color change. The 565 shade of Lakme is a lipstick with peach and very slight shimmer, 565 is a kind of light brown in color, and 567 is again peach colored lipstick with no shine. They are very light in shades and when applied on lips looks like natural color. These lipsticks are soft and creamy and enriched with vitamins and sunscreens.
  2. Revlon: Revlon 156 First Love Super Lustrous lipstick is naturally a nude shade which gives lustrous look. With its soft and creamy texture, it will moisturize the lips very well all day long and give you smooth and shiny lips.
  3. Lotus Herbals: Lotus Herbals 592 Nude Shine Pure Colors Matte lipstick is a beautiful pink nude shade with lovely texture gel matte texture that will prevent your lips from drying. This shade suits almost all complexions and stays longer on lips.
  4. Elle 18: Elle 18 Color Pops Lipstick 39 has a coffee cream shade which is generally used by all girls. This lipstick has soft and creamy texture and is very light and easy to apply. It is enriched with cocoa butter and jojoba oil to moisturize your lips. This lipstick is easily available at an affordable range.
  5. Maybelline: Maybelline Color Sensational offers a wide range of nude shades like 910,915, and 920which varies from peach to pinkish shade. Bare All (910) is a very light beige shade with satin finish. Blushing Beige (915) is a light peach shade with a hint of rosy pink. Nude Lust (920) is peachy beige with neutral hint. These shades look good on fair to medium skin tones. With its creamy and moisturizing texture, they glide on smoothly and evenly.

These lipsticks are very popular and easily affordably anyone who loves trying different products and amongst young girls who like to dress themselves in style. Apart from these, lipsticks from Max, Loreal, NYX, are also popular among women and girls. Among this shades, I personally have used shades of Lakme, Maybelline, and Elle 18 which suits my skin type. It’s a bit hard to get the perfect shade, but a little experiment in trying different shades can get you the perfect one. So keep trying different shades until you find the one that flatters your skin tone.