Little Effort and A Great Success.

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A Girl holds the hand of her Father, elder brother and sister, specially her Mom and learns to walk. She learns to live a beautiful, loving and secure life from them. She moves forward in the path of roses and feels herself a lucky one. But one day she realizes that she has to become a strong girl and live all her soft toys, her chocolates, her pink love and move forward to build her career. And now the struggling time comes around and she has to face many difficulties in searching the job of her choice.

This is a common problem everyone faces to search a job according to ones like. And if you switch to another field you can’t get satisfied. Some of them are really lucky to start their job/business of their choice.

If you are starting career and surprisingly you get a good opportunity or a good break don’t look back and hold that chance which may lead you to climb the stairs of success.

Here there is an example of Unnati Gandhi from Mumbai. She had completed her BBA and MBA and started working in add agencies. She worked even in event companies and handled two big projects. She got a good circle through her work and she got a good name in her work.

Surprisingly, one day she got an invitation from LAKME FASHION WEEK from her friend. She was desperate to attend the event. Immediately she worked out for her designs and designed a new dress for her and her friend to wear in the event. She visited at the event with her friend. Unknowingly a miracle happened to her. In such a crowd she was noticed by journalist and bloggers and they started asking her questions regarding her dress.

This was an amazing moment when she was interviewed by them and she was appreciated by all.

From this incident, she got an opportunity to enter in the fashion world. Within three months she launched Pristine Brand. She also got a chance to take part in the Martinee Queen Exhibition, where again her work was appreciated by everyone. This was the beginning and her creativity took her on the path of success. LITTLE EFFORT AND A GREAT SUCCESS

This was the story of Unnati Gandhi but an inspiration to other women, who knowingly or unknowingly kill their desires and their creativity. Little hard work can give them success and their efforts and ideas can take them into the field of business.

For Women entrepreneurship Indian Government has planned different policies to help them. Women associated with small business are getting subsidies on their loan to start their business. So everyone can work out and move forward and give your creativity a name.


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