Look Stunning in Black and White Stripes

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Black and white is totally contradictory, but they attract each other. You get a rich and classic look whenever you wear a combination of black & white. Nothing is much easier than styling yourself in any blend of black & white. Black is associated with elegance, evil, power, mystery and death, whereas white is associated with purity, goodness, and innocence. No matter what they represent, these colors are easy to pair with each other and also with any other color.

Black & white makes you look more sophisticated and attractive. You can dress yourself in suit, saree, shorts and skirt, pants and trousers, blazer and jackets, shirts and blouse, or your favorite dress.

When these two colors are combined together, they make you look hot and attractive. You’ll definitely receive many compliments from family and friends. This combination works out everywhere and it is getting popular in many countries. It was very much used by corporate workers only but nowadays it’s used by one and all from kids to adults. The new trend in fashion is the black & white striped fabrics. It gives you a more smart and elegant look. Zebra lined trousers or vertical stripped pants are always noticeable. Floor length gown with vertical lines, white t-shirt with black stripes with A-line skirt or your favorite pair of skinny jeans, black and white vertical striped pant with a solid white shirt, black & white jumpsuits and rompers, are some of the trends going on.

Look Stunning in Black and White Stripes

We can see this trend not only on fashion ramps but also in Hollywood and Bollywood movies. In Bollywood, many actresses were seen very comfy in black and white style with variety of zigzag, horizontal and vertical stripes styles in black and white color. We had seen Anushka Sharma on Parachute promotion event held at Mumbai wearing striped power knit zig-zag dress, Alia Bhatt looking hot in black and white bold striped strapless gown at IIFA press conference, Kajol also spotted on airport, Shraddha Kapoor seen in a black-and-white striped dress with pockets in an promotional event for the movie Baaghi, and the most stunning and beautiful actress Deepika Padukone is seen wearing black and white suit with vertical stripes which makes the commercial more lavish. Hollywood actresses and singer like Katy Perry and Janelle Monae are seen wearing this combination, and fashion designer Carolina Herrera has a collection of beautiful striped dresses.

This is an everlasting combination in the fashion world. But some people are concerned wearing these kinds of colors. Some useful tips for those who want to try such impressive dressing: Wear black and white combination with denim jackets, fur scarf, bright colored t-shirt or shirt. You can also add some accessories like colorful handbags and heals, and jewelry to get the eye catching look. Do share with us, your style to dress with black and white.


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