Lord Krishna – Fear of Kansa

The story starts before the birth of Lord Krishna. There was an evil demon named Kansa who lived in the city of Mathura. Kansa was a powerful and cruel ruler. Due to his horrifying deeds peoples life was miserable. But as it is believed that evil always comes to an end, King Kansa himself was in fear of his life. How can it be possible that the fear in him developed even before the birth of the triumph. This is true and is possible as that person is no one else than the lord Krishna. Krishna is the great Lord who is the eight spiritual existence of Lord Vishnu on earth. He is the son of King Vasudev and Devki.

After the marriage of king Vasudeva and Devki, Kansa who was the brother of Devki happily took them to Mathura to start their new life. But before visiting their origin, the celestial voice warned him that the eight child of this couple who he is happily volunteering will be the reason of his death. This made him shocked. He was very proud that he could not be defeated and killed by anyone and thinks himself a very strong personality. The great demon, would be killed by his sister’s son was unbelievable and shocking but the announcement of his death shook his mind.

He thought to kill her sister and save his life and so he attacked on her sister but King Vasudev saved her life by promising him to deliver their child to Kansa soon after the birth.  Vasudev was a man of words, he was known to keep promises and this was known to Kansa so he agreed with Vasudev. King Vasudev and Devaki got some relief and thought they would bring some solution to this problem. But Kansa was very serious that he is not going to change his mind.

As Devaki gave the birth to her first child, Vasudeva painfully handed over to Kansa to keep his promise. Kansa was pleased with this and gave back his child saying that the announcement was of his eighth child killing him so I do not need other child. But Naradamuni came to inform Kansa that Gods were planning to kill demons on the earth and they are going to take birth in Yadu dynasity where the King Vasudeva belonged to. So the fear of his death was growing strong inside him and he mercilessly imprisoned his sister and king Vasudev.

This innocent couple was then imprisoned by Kansa. Though he loved his sister but he became cruel to save his own life. Devaki gave birth to eight children from which six were harshly killed by Kansa. Kansa fear grew stronger that he was not even able to sleep properly. The only thing running in his mind was that to kill her sister’s eighth child. But he does not want to take a risk and killed every child heartlessly.

The seventh child of Devaki was a miscarriage and spiritually it was transferred to Rohini’s womb and born as a Balarama-the brother of Lord Krishna. Vasudev and Devaki were feeling helpless and upset to lose their seven children but still they were waiting for the eighth child who was going to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Finally the day came, when the Lord himself was taking birth on earth. Lord Krishna took birth on the day of asthami in shravana month as per Hindu Calendar which is known as Janmastami. Spiritual flowers and sparkling lights were seen all over and the wave of happiness spread all over the region. All other gods were visualizing the great scene of Lord Krishna as a new born who was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

The creator had taken birth and the beautiful surrounding and pleasant atmosphere was around him but the dare truth was that he was born in a prison cell in Mathura and he was the eighth son of Devaki. It was midnight when Lord Krishna was born so everyone in Mathura were asleep. A divine voice ordered Vasudev to take Lord Krishna and exchange it with Shri Nandji and Yashoda’s child in a nearby village Gokul and return back before sunrise. Vasudev had to save the baby and follow the divine orders, so with a heavy heart Vasudev took his child and placed him in a basket. As Vasudev hold the basket with Lord Krishna in it and was about to walk from the prison cell, all the gates opened magically and all the guards of the prison were laying on the floor in deep sleep. So there was no one to stop him from going.

It was a dark and stormy night.  The roaring sound of the thunder and the heavy rainfall swept away everything. But, nothing could stop Vasudev from taking Lord Krishna to another village. On the way to Gokul, Vasudev had to cross the Yamuna River which was overflowing. It was difficult for any ordinary man to cross this river, but was made easy by the divine river itself. Yamuna touched Lord Krishna’s feet and in no time the river became calm and serene. The river gave way to Vasudev to walk through it but it was pouring heavily. So to protect Lord Krishna from rain, Sheshanaag – a five headed snake arose from the river and covered the Lord and thus Vasudev was able to reach Gokul.

On reaching Nandji’s house, Vasudev quietly exchanged Lord Krishna with Yashoda and Nandji’s daughter and returned back to Mathura in the prison cell. In sometime it was about to be dawn. He went to his cell and laid the baby girl near Devaki. The baby started crying and hearing this, the guards were awakened. Then some guards ran to the King Kansa to inform that Devaki’s eighth child was born. Kansa was afraid but he without wasting time came to end it. He came and grabbed the child from Devaki’s hand and furiously throws out from the window. But what happens next? Did the eighth child lose her life? No, as it was seen before that Naradmuni says about the birth of demigods. The girl child was a demigod who was thrown horribly by Kansa and she was converted into light. She was a Yogmaya and not the eight child of Devaki which was then known to Kansa. King Kansa first requested and even tortured this couple to know about the child, but all was in vain.

Throughout his lifetime, the fear of Kansa internally scared and depressed him and to overcome it he started merciless deeds and harassed people. On the other hand, Lord Krishna was raised in Gokul among cowherds. Little Krishna was known for his little pranks and cute mischief’s of stealing maakhan (butter) all around Gokul and Vrindavan.  He is a very cute little boy who wears a peacock feather in his crown and has long curly hair.  He herds the cows along with his friends around the bank of River Yamuna. He enjoys dancing and playing his melodious flute. His innocent looks and the sweet melody of the flute mesmerizes all the living beings.  His beautiful looks and his enchanting smile attract everyone.

King Kansa even sent his strongest demons to kill little Krishna many times, but no one could stand the powers of the almighty. And after sometime the spiritual fortune was made to happen. Lord Krishna then arrived to Mathura in his young age and slew his uncle Kansa. Krishna even freed Vasudev and Devaki from prison after the death of Kansa. So, the birth of Lord Krishna is celebrated with great cheer and enthusiasm to mark the victory of good over evil. Lord Krishna is the divine power of love, health, wisdom, wealth, friendship