Love is in the air.

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Aditi was thinking about Rishi as many days had passed since he called. She was eagerly waiting for him to come back from London. One evening she was at her clinic. As she was about to leave the clinic, she got a call from Tanya saying that she wants to meet her at a restaurant. Aditi thought it might be related to Razia so she considered meeting her. She was in such a rush she didn’t even remember to call Gautam and inform him that she’ll be late as she is going to meet her.

Aditi waited for Tanya outside the restaurant. As she was looking around she saw some guy coming towards him. It was already dark in the evening so she wasn’t sure who it was. As the guy came closer, her eyes met with his eyes. She whispered, “Is it really him? How can he be here? It must be my illusion.” Her heart was overflowing with joy as she got a clear glimpse of the guy. It was none other than Rishi. Aditi was so much delighted to see him after such a long time. She couldn’t control her emotions. Tears rolled of her cheeks. It was such a magnificent moment for both.

Aditi expressed her joy, “Rishi! I am so glad you came back. I have missed you so very much…From the day you called me, each and every moment I was waiting for you. I was waiting…so that I could see you, touch you, hear your voice, see you smile, hear you laugh. It wasn’t same around here without you Rishi.” Rishi holding a bouquet of red roses in his hand, “I missed you too Aditi…When we were apart days felt like years. But now when I’m with you I feel like the time has come to a stop. I can’t say how much I have missed you these years.”

First, he gave her the bouquet of her favorite red roses and then he opened his arms wide, waiting to embrace her. She ran right into his arms, giving him, a huge hug. He embraced her back. “It feels so good, to finally be in your arms Rishi” she said contentedly. Further she added, “Rishi, what happened? Why aren’t you saying anything?” Rishi replied saying, “Aditi, I don’t have words to utter. First, let me see you till my heart’s content. And you know what? You look more beautiful than ever.”

Rishi expressed his love and feelings, “The distance has made our bond stronger. We would have never made it without our trust for each other and for our relationship. I would start my day with you on my mind and end my day with you in my dreams. During all my ups & downs, it was just your love that gave me the strength to face the situation. Every moment felt so incomplete without out. I LOVE YOU from the bottom of my heart and I always will.”


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