“MAFATLAL” An oldest running Company

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One day while walking down the street, I crossed a man talking with his colleague about the mill where he was working. I took it lightly but his continuous appreciation about that mill made me ask, “Which mill are you talking about?” And very proudly he answered it was “MAFATLAL Textile Mill”. No doubt Mafatlal has a great name and the biggest textile manufacturing company in India. But that man’s appreciation towards his company inspired me to search more detail about it. That man named Mohanbhai was a normal man working in Mafatlal mill many years ago in Ahmedabad. He was just a worker in charge but his devotion to the work and impact of Mafatlal company which still he remembers, as something to know about. I researched and found that Mohanbhai was a worker knowing only about his plant but actually this company was really too big and spreaded all over India.

Mr. Mafatlal Gagalbhai was the founder of Mafatlal Group who had seen struggles in his earlier life but when he stepped into the business, some industrialists had provided him capital at very low rate of interest, and he started mill handling. At the age of 31, he took over the management of a small mill in Ahmedabad and named it “Shorrock Mill” in 1905. He invested in shares with his father and his partner and managed to raise funds. The first mill was going well and he bought a second mill named “New Shorrock” in Nadiad in 1912. After then his business had a great progress and he bought his third mill in Surat and named it ‘Surat Cotton and Weaving Mill’ in the year 1916. Again after three years, he takes over “China Mill” in Mumbai in 1919. This is how his business in textile industries brought him on the top as a businessman. Still he had an ambition to grow his business and he established another mill in Navsari in 1931.

Then due to diversification of the business and sad demise of Mr. Mafatlal Gagalbhai, Mr. Navinchandra Mafatlal took over the family business. Mafatlal group becomes the third largest mill owner in India with the modernization in their work and the company was well set in Bombay. After the sad demise of Mr. Navinchandra, the mafatlal group was reins over by Mr. Arvind Mafatlal in 1954. He then diversified the business in1979 and focuses on textiles, petrochemicals and fluoro chemicals and expanding their business by entering textiles machinery activities in 1980-1990. Then the company was in the hand of Mr. Hrishikesh Mafatlal. He obtains ISO_9001 certification in 1994. He then joined in BURLINGTON Industries in USA with 50% partnership for manufacturing denim fabrics in Mafatlal Burlington Industries Ltd. In 2000 the company was more expanded in uniform fabric and upto 2006 mafatlal group acquire entire stake of Burlington Industries and setup Mafatlal Denim Ltd. Introducing largest collection of school uniform. Shri Arvind Mafatlal passes away by the year 2011. In 2013 Nadiad and Navsari unit was modernized. Mafatlal Industries Ltd was recently awarded as “India’s Most Promising Brand 2014-2015” in the textile category by World Consulting & Research Corporation (WCRC) at Gibson hall, London. This company ruled over the market from over a century.

This was only the history of this company, but what people were impressed of, was the material developed in this mill. From more than 100 years this company is running and maintaining the quality of the product. Not only the workers like Mohanbhai but all the customers love this material. Only because of its best quality it was always in demand.

MAFATLAL — An oldest running company

Mafatlal Industries Milestones


Sets up first textile mill in Ahmedabad, India
Purchased a second textile mill in neighboring Nadiad, India
Purchased another mill in Surat
Shifts base to Mumbai with the purchase of a textile mill
Establishes one more textile mill in Navsari
Shri Navinchandra Mafatlal takes over the family business, after the sad demise of the founder, Shri Mafatlal Gagalbhai.
Group invests heavily in cotton textile mills and their modernization to become the third largest mill owner in India. Establishes a strong foothold in Mumbai
Shri Arvind Mafatlal takes over the reins of the group companies and starts diversification of the Group businesses.
Mafatlal promotes ace cricketers and football players thereby gaining tremendous mileage.
After division of the Mafatlal Group business, the Arvind Mafatlal Group focuses on textiles, petro chemicals, rubber chemicals and fluoro chemicals.
Consolidates its position in textiles, expanding the textile machinery activities.
Mr. Hrishikesh Mafatlal takes over the reins of the company.



Obtains ISO-9001 certification.

Joint Venture (50%:50%) with Burlington Industries, USA called Mafatlal Burlington Industries Ltd. for manufacturing denim fabrics.



Major expansion in the area of corporate uniform and work wear fabric.

Paved a new path to success by acquiring the entire stake of Burlington Industries, USA to setup Mafatlal Denim Ltd.



Introduce largest collection of school uniform fabrics in domestic market.

Mafatlal Denim Ltd. establishes itself as the largest supplier of denim material in India, and as a reliable supply chain partner for value added and fashion denims.

The sad demise of the Chairman Emeritus Shri Arvind Mafatlal
Launches home furnishing range with terry towels and bedsheets
Mafatlal Denim Ltd. amalgamated with Mafatlal Industries Ltd.
Modernization of Nadiad unit.
Capacity expansion of Navsari unit.
Mafatlal Industries Ltd awarded ‘ MOST PROMISING BRAND’ in India in the category ‘Textile’ by World Consulting & Research Corporation at London Mumbai.