Make sure your Child is active in Sports

A child active in sports will learn many hacks to easy their life.

Last week my dearest son ‘Meet’ and his few friends made some plans to play cricket on Sunday morning at the nearby sports ground to relax after their long examinations. The day was here, and around 7 in the morning all his friends were waiting for him to join them. They all left for the game and I got busy doing my chores. Around 10 AM they all returned home. They all were tired and exhausted after a long game. They made themselves comfortable but no one had the energy to talk. They just wanted to relax before going back to their home. For once I was worried whether they are all right or not. But in few minutes all the tiredness and weakness turned to cheer and laughter.

Today kids and adults, forget all their worries when they are with their friends. Their anxiety and pressure disappear in their friendly relations. We might have often seen children in groups, who share a strong bond of friendship with each other. They might help each other with their projects, share toys and stuff, and who are always eager to help each other no matter what. They even try to solve each other’s problems. Isn’t that a good thing?  I believe a little credit goes to the sports they play, either it is soccer, basketball, cricket, tennis, or baseball. Sports not only make them fit and healthy but also help them grow physically and mentally.

Helps you to stay fit & healthy: Sports increases your energy levels and makes you feel fresh. Playing any sport helps you cut calories. It helps your body to adjust to minor cuts and wounds and makes you strong. It helps to boost your mood and attitude.

Teamwork: Children’s learn to live and work in groups and teams. They learn to adjust with kids of different behavior.  Teamwork encourages more communications and interactions which in turn maximizes strength. They forget their rudeness or ego and learn humanity and bonding towards each other.

Helps to Focus: A child’s academic performance improves when he/she is active and plays sports. Sport helps boost one’s observational skills and keeps them focused. When playing any game, one needs to be active with his all senses. It helps in concentration and increase in memory.

Helps to achieve Goal: When a child plays a sport of their choice they have a goal to achieve and they concentrate on the same. They learn to face challenges and easily come up with. They work hard to reach their goal not just in the game but also in real life. They turn out to be an active person.

Helps to build Self-Esteem: Sports builds the confidence and self-esteem in kids to perform their best in any game. No matter they win or lose, they keep trying and do their best. When kids feel that they are improving in their game, they will feel accomplished. They accept the fact that there is only one winner to any game. They learn to cope with the feelings of pride and disappointment.

Encourage your kids to play a sport of their choice and gain all the benefits from it. Happy playing!!!


  1. Great message! Sports teaches good life skills. I feel its important to encourage my kids to explore sports while young. However, children shouldn’t be pressured into this. There are other skills, activities clubs more suited for other types of interests. I hated sports as a kid, it was embarrassing.