Make-up can be an art!

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Have you ever thought about who created makeup? Or how it was created? When, Where & how? Why was it created? How has it changed over no Make Up actually has a lot of its own differences. In 180 Bcc was when Make Up had first had started but it wasn’t commonly used as much as then. because it was so expensive and hard to get and or find. The women who actually had it or used it were the wealthier women. The “Cheap knockoff’s” were the in ancient Rome Make Up was a big thing, Make Up & how someone smelled meant a lot. Women who had a decent smell were presumed to be wealthy.

Make Up almost every woman buys & applies it. The glamorous colors & tones of eye-shadow, eyeliners, mascaras, cancelers, lipsticks, glosses, blush & bronzers in the glowing light tend to grasp the attention of young girls to elderly women, while slowly easing their way down the makeup aisle.

Make-up Artist Transforms her face.

Make Up should be used to intensity the beauty in women, instead of    masking their looks because makeup worn lightly appears healthier, face the reality, nearly everyone who wears heavy makeup has a clown face, applying makeup can be an art, but painting too much foundation along with the other make up on face can look unnatural and unevenness throughout the day.

Heightening women’s beauty with makeup can boost their confidence when not being masked “I love the confidence make up gives me” having a fresh look with or without make up portrays beautiful skin.   Friends & family will notice the beauty; they may compliment the attractive, natural skin. They will also notice the makeup is enhancing their features instead of covering their face, since they are wearing it lightly if there is a blemish on the face cover it with a concealer that matches the skin tone to make it disappear. along with the worries. Putting on makeup boosts women’s self-esteem; they feel pretty doing the task, like a star. Makeup is fun and boosts the confidence of women when enhancing beauty.

The final reason makeup should be used to enhance good looks, instead of covering them up is because the natural look is more attractive a natural make up look can help portray enhanced beauty in women this causes skin to look healthier, boosts confidence & increases charm so take off that mask & let true, natural beauty shine.

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