Mandvi Beach

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Mandvi Beach, in Gujarat’s Kutch region, is a pristine and calm seashore that is one of the region’s most popular holiday spots. Mandvi Beach is known for its camping and water sports facilities, also it’s a beach with a relaxed atmosphere.

Mandvi Beach is a hidden and unexplored beach resort with clean water and a stunning outlook, located near the Vijay Vilas palace complex in Bhuj. Take a long walk down the beach as the sun sets over the horizon, or go bird-watching to learn about Kutch’s biodiversity.

Another activity to try here is a camel ride, which takes you on a tour of the entire property while you bobble up and down on the back of this majestic animal, or yoga to the soothing sounds of the sea. Mandvi Beach is an enchanting rendezvous with nature and its beauty, with its tranquil surroundings being its most alluring quality.

About Mandavi Beach

Mandvi, a historic port town of the Maharaos of Kutch, is home to one of Gujarat’s best beaches. The beach is 298 kilometers from Ahmedabad and is located along the Gujarat coastline. Mandvi was the summer residence of the Maharao of Kutch, and an important maritime trade post for the near east and far east routes that brought the wealth and glory of the royal.

Mandvi welcomes visitors with palaces, beaches, handicrafts, and monuments. Mandvi Beach is one of them, and it is the ideal location for relaxation and rejuvenation of the body and mind. The 6 km stretch between Mandvi and Bhrabudi hamlet, leading to Mundra port, provides numerous opportunities for relaxation, swimming, and water sports. The beach also offers various water-sports activities like water scooters, skiing, surfing, parasailing, and speedboat trips.

Because the water is calm, the waves aren’t too high, and there are no undercurrents, Mandvi beach is ideal for swimming. The beach is safe, and tourists of all ages can enjoy it. The water is very cold compared to other beaches, thus swimming is only enjoyable when the sun is shining. It’s best not to get too excited because this beach isn’t even crowded during peak season and there are no lifeguards.

Sunset and sunrise views are also spectacular from the beach. Aside from the beach, travelers can go bird viewing along the Gulf of Kutch’s northern coast, which includes the flamingo-rich Mandvi Creek. Handicrafts, silverware, shellwork, Kutchi embroideries, Bandhini tie-and-dye saris, and block prints are all available for purchase along the beach.

Things To Do At Mandvi Beach

This resort can turn your holiday into a thrilling adventure with a range of water sports such as water scootering, ocean swimming, parasailing, and banana boat rides.

Quad biking, zorbing, dirt biking, horseback riding, and camel rides are among the other adventure activities available.

After you’ve had your fill of these activities, you may gorge yourself on the delectable tandoori snacks and meals that are easily accessible at Mandvi Beach. You will not be sorry if you sip some coconut water when the sun sets for the day.

Camping At Mandavi beach

You’re in for a treat if you’re planning on camping at Mandvi Beach. With only 10 tents on the side of Vijay Vilas Palace, this attraction is a small yet beautiful property. The location is not crowded because it is located outside of Mandavi’s main city and only provides facilities for a small number of people. The vastness of the campers here is immaculate, and they overlook a stunning view of the beach. The tents themselves are huge and luxurious, and the staff is really friendly. Furthermore, in addition to exquisite accommodations, the camps here offer delicious meals to their visitors at a very reasonable price. The beach is isolated, private, and clean, and it is more of a hideaway than a vacation spot.

The camp package also includes a variety of activities. While staying at the beach camp, you can participate in activities given by the camp management, such as nature hikes and bird watching, beach volleyball, beach football, indoor games, and a lakeside lunch to Prasagar.

How To Reach Mandavi Beach

Every 30 minutes, state transport buses and jeeps travel from Bhuj’s central transit facility for Mandvi Beach. Jeeps can also be rented in town for local trips.

Things You Need To Know At Mandvi Beach

• Be cautious in the evenings when the tides are high.
• The southern end of the beach is busier than the northern end, so head to the northern end for a more peaceful experience.

Nearby Places To Visit From Mandvi Beach

The Vijay Vilas Palace, which is around 10 kilometers from Mandvi Beach, is one of the closest things to visit on a vacation to Mandvi Beach. Another interest is the Shyamji Krishna Varma Memorial, which is located around 8 kilometers from the seashore. The notable Mandvi Ship Building Yard is located near Mukhdani, around 4 kilometers from Mandvi Beach.

The Sheetal Parshwa Jinalay, which is only a 10-minute walk from the shipbuilding yard, is well worth a visit. Another place to visit is the Mandvi Port, which is around 4 kilometers from Mandvi Beach. Rukhmavati, about 15 kilometers from the shore, can be added to the list of surrounding attractions.


This Mandvi Beach is one of Gujarat’s greatest, and it’s a terrific place to relax and soak up the sun while lying on its white-sand beaches. The water is suitable for wading or swimming, and sandcastles are being constructed by children all along the beach. At the beach, you can also participate in water sports such as skiing, parasailing, surfing, water scooters, and speed boats. Mandvi Beach is a wonderful site to visit for a holiday, and it has become a popular destination for both locals and tourists.


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