Meaning of leaning fingers one on another in Palmistry

Palmistry is not only about lines in the palm but a palmist also observes the shape and position of your fingers, along with palm shape. The palm shape, fingers shape, fingers length and shape of nails differ from person to person.
Finger lie on other finger is also having a different meaning and each has its own mount below itself.

Meaning of leaning fingers one on another in Palmistry

Relation of fingers with planets is established below:

  • Index finger (first finger) is connected with the mount Jupiter.
  • Middle finger (second finger) is connected with Saturn.
  • Ring finger (third finger) is connected to the mount Sun.
  • Little finger (fourth) is connected with the mount Mercury.

When the hand laid open

  • If the person having all the fingers leaning out towards the first denotes the ambitious spirit. The person is independent and aggressive in nature, which is inclined to fight its way forward.
  • If Jupiter turns towards Saturn, the reverse spirit is indicated, and there is more melancholy in the nature.
  • If all fingers lean towards Saturn, then the person have extreme sadness and melancholy may be expected, and even a rather morbid desire of being different from others.
  • If Saturn leans towards Jupiter, it gives morbid ambitions.
  • Saturn towards the Sun denotes vast contradictions in the nature. A person greatly swayed by moods: one moment bright and joyous, the next despondent.
  • If the person having finger of sun leaning towards Saturn often denotes the desire for notoriety in some morbid sense.
  • The sun leaning towards mercury gives a combination of art and business, generally the artistic sense sacrificed to the value of money.
  • If Mercury is leaning towards Sun, it would give business sacrificed to art-practical qualities, for example, that one finds associated with business or science turned in the direction of art.
  • A hand with all the fingers straight and well developed is, however, more powerful and successful than any of these combinations.
  • The first finger standing very much to it and sticking outward denotes a most ambitious nature and desire to command.

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