Meethi Seviyan

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Vermicelli or Meethi seviyan is a thinner strands made of refined flour or rice. It is used to cook many dishses like Upma, idli, Vermicelli tomato soup, kheer, Halwa, Sheer khurma, Semiya Payasam. It is mostly known as Sevaiya in Gujarati, Sevee in Hindi, Semiya in Tamil and Malayalam. Rather than the spicy dish I love to cook vermicelli sheera or kheer.

I here share the recipe of making Sheera. This is my one of the most loved recipe and easy and simple to cook. It hardly takes ten to fifteen minutes to cook. Its noodles like appearance attracts kids towards it. It can be served as evening sweet snack, dessert after meal or in kid’s lunch box. Meethi Seviyan or Sheera is comparatively less prepared then kheer in festive but it is an loved dessert for instant cooking.

Ingredients of Meethi Seviyan:

2 tbsp clarified butter
1 cup vermicelli
1 cup warm milk
½ cup of sugar
¼ tsp cardamom powder
½ tsp finely chopped almond and pistachios

Recipe of Meethi Seviyan:

1. Pick up long vermicelli threads and break it into four parts approximately.
2. Heat the nonstick pan and add clarified butter and vermicelli into it.
3. Roast vermicelli at medium flame until it gets golden brown.
4. Pour the milk into it and stir well until it gets fully dried.
5. Add sugar and cook it for two minutes.
6. Turn off the gas when the clarified butter appears on the sides of the Sheera .
7. Transfer the Sheera in a bowl and garnish it with almond and pistachio.
8. Spread cardamom powder and the vermicelli Sheera is ready to serve.

Cheer your glad moments with your friends and relatives serving vermicelli sheera. This is a simple recipe similar to other sheera but it is less time consuming comparatively. Vermicelli as a thin thread of wheat quickly turns into red when roasted in clarified butter and gets instantly soft when we add warm milk to it. Alternative to milk we can use water but by adding milk we get better taste and color.


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