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Wrist Watches

Mobile has captured the place of Wrist Watches

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Smartphones have become an asset for human beings, having everything in that single piece in your pocket. In earlier days, it was just a cellphone with some easy applications in it. Though there were few applications in the cell phone which trapped many items like calculator, flash light, diary and wrist watch. It was from that time, purchasing of watch was not a necessity but an accessory used for fashion and trend.

Wrist watches are not only the device to show time but are also considered as a jewelry worn with style by women, men, children’s and elders. Wrist watches were mostly used by the soldiers during war. Wrist watch was a must and an important item to carry with them. Later on it was necessary for office working people and students attending the examinations. That necessity is now easily changed into luxury. If we search around and look towards the types of wrist watches, we easily get confused. Wrist watches has number of collections with its various types and designs in the market with its variable functions.

Wrist watches were first used by military mans in 19th century during war then special designed watches were used by the divers in the ocean and also used by the aviators high up in the sky. A complicated watch is also designed beyond the basic functions in it like chronograph – displaying stop watch in the watch and moonphase – displaying lunar phase. A wrist watch design is an art performed by many technicians using simple mechanism in a creative way.

Children’s watch with their famous cartoon characters are in great demands in kids. Rather than that digital watch, calculator watch, colorful light changing watches are also favorite among children’s. Men wrist watches collection varies from the look of dial and their belt. The gold plated watch, diamond studded watch, calendar and calculator combined in a watch, digital watch and different shape of watch are seen in the collections. For female there are also more varieties seen with different colors, diamond or beads studded in it or pearl belt and also found in bracelet style which can go with different outfits. Now a days Fitbit and Apple watches are in huge demand.

For men, it is a best gift given by his girlfriend or by his wife which gives extra stars to his elegant personality. Not only men but women also look more stunning when she tries wrist watch matching with her outfit. Wrist watches of titan, Citizen, Timex, Fastrack, Casio, Guess, Fossil and many more brands are available in the market with different ranges from lower to higher rates.


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