Morning Walk: The Best Exercise for Our Health

Fresh and natural air early in the morning is enough to make our day pleasant and fully energetic. The pearl like tiny drops of water is the sign of natural beauty that is away from pollution. The dew droplets wet the grass as if rain has appeared and the atmosphere becomes low. The birds sing cheerfully and the colorful flowers spread their fragrance everywhere. If this naturalistic atmosphere is good for our health then, why we should remain away from it? To feel the real beauty of atmosphere we should go for a morning walk in a park.

Morning walk gives you fresh air and create a positive mind-set throughout the day. It improves physical as well as mental state of health. Walking is beneficial for everyone and is a must for women and elder of the family. It improves health in many ways and help to live longer beautiful life. Walking can be helpful in strengthening your muscles and bones. It also keeps constant weight and our joints flexible. It will increase stamina and as well as energy levels and also helps to reduce blood pressure mainly in some people with hypertension.

Generally, people growing older lose their confidence and try to keep them in a homely environment rather to get busy with outer public. Morning walk is best for them as they can get new friends and can cheer with life. Also the day when just starts we find less traffic and no pollution. So we can say that aged people who go for a walk daily gain confidence and does the thing of their own. It is said that, people ages over 65 must do 30 minutes of walking in the morning; it might keep them active in the entire day. Doctors and physiotherapists suggest walking as a best exercise to many patients going through joints problem or those who are suffering from diabetes.

Undoubtedly morning walk brings extra energy which everyone takes themselves as a brisk walk to inhale more of oxygen and exhale the toxic elements. Heart disease peoples are not preferred for running they only prefers walking. When the morning walk is a habit in everyone’s life, it must lead to prevent heart diseases because the amount of inhaling of oxygen which helps to purifies the blood. So we can say morning walks helps to reduce health diseases. The perfect blood circulation and oxygen level supplies the body and provides boost up to the brain through that everyone can get their work and do it at the right time. Sometime people feel lazy and delay their morning walks and are not regular at all but the people who walks regularly  doesn’t think like that they follow their works or programs without any delay.

Most of the elder one’s phase the problem with diabetes. The morning walk is kept out of them by increasing your body’s sugar level. Doctors also suggest to the diabetes patients to do brisk morning walks to come down the sugar level to normal range. In early hours pollution is in very less amount through that, we enjoy the fresh air to inhale and the oxygen is delivered to the cells which are only prevented from diseases and make relief from their mental tensions. When your body supports for all functionalities in the body you may lead to live longer by avoiding all diseases like heart problems, diabetes, over weight etc. Mental stability is the strength to build up and move on.

Some of the researchers also conduct the text on obese patients with walking and it will be proved. Walking can prevent the overweight and reduce the fat over the body and gives fitness, flexibility and muscle strength. By recent studies also, we got to know that at least 5 days of walking in the morning is helpful to relieve from the health problems. Moderated technology also prefers the brisk morning walk.

Early morning walks have all hallmarks to do by the elder ones. Health is the main wealth for each of us. A regular brisk morning walk helps to keep with necessary health and stay fit with mental wealth. When the physical health and mental wealth is in proper condition everyone will able to carry their works and do their tasks without any disturbances and delays. Morning walks are proved in preventing some diseases and keeps the person with stress-free. So go with morning walks and be healthy that is all of us need for a happy life.

Make sure that are you wearing correct shoes for walking. You must select fit and comfortable shoes for better results. If someone is suffering from foot problem they must use footwear under the guidance of doctors. Don’t forget to carry a bottle of water as water is very important to keep yourself hydrated.