My brother my best friend!

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Aditi & Rishi were overjoyed. They enjoyed each other’s company so much that they didn’t realize the time. As it was already late, Rishi dropped Aditi home. But on the other side Gautam was worrying for Aditi, as she wasn’t home. He tried calling her at the clinic, hospital and even her cell phone, but was of no luck. He was waiting for her on dinner. Since Gautam was looking after Aditi from very young age, he knew his responsibilities as a brother and takes great care. No matter where she goes, she informs Gautam. Their parents went abroad before few years due to their work. But Gautam & Aditi stayed here, because they had to complete their doctorate. Initially, Gautam started his practice in a Civil Hospital and after couple of years; he started hospital of his own.

In a short time, Aditi came home. Gautam was surprised to see Aditi. She was glowing with happiness that night. Roses in her hand, singing softly to herself, this never happened in last few years. She went to her room straight away. Gautam sitting at the dinner table said, “I was waiting for you to return home, let’s have dinner.” Aditi said, “Sorry Bhaiya, I could not inform you that I’ll be late and didn’t see your calls too.” She further added, “I went to see my friend, as he returned from London.”

Gautam said, “Aditi, we will talk about your friend in sometime. I am sure he is very special but first, let’s eat our dinner.” They both have their dinner. Gautam was little bit worried but at the same time he was happy that Aditi didn’t lie to him. Aditi talked to him about Rishi. She said, “Rishi and I like each other from few years. But he went to London for his studies and has come back after 4 years.”

Gautam was not surprised to hear about Rishi. Gautam already knew about Rishi and Aditi’s love though he had not revealed in front of her. Gautam said, “Ooh! He has come back. That’s great!” Aditi asked him, “How did you know about him? And why didn’t you say it to me?” Gautam said, “I know from the time you both see each other. The smile I see on your face lets me know everything. It tells me the love that you have cherished for years. I have raised you in my arms and I know what’s going on in your heart. I know very well that you will not take any wrong decision.”

Gautam further said, “But, I was unaware of his arrival. Now when are you calling Rishi to meet me?” Aditi jumped with joy and hugged Gautam, “Thank you so much Bhaiya.”


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