My First Day of Being a Mom….

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Mom…I just remembered of my first day of being a Mom. Mom a small word with a huge basket of unconditional love, infinite care and showering blessings for children. The same she feels for her kids. No matter big or small, they are always apple of her eyes. She never let her child escape from his sight. This journey of mom starts from the very beginning when her baby has not even entered the world. She feels his presence and nourishes her desires in dreams. When she gets her baby delivered she has no bounds to her happiness and dreams got the wings to fly.

Being a Mom is like having a tonne of the responsibility which every woman waits to have it on her shoulder. How wonderful it must be when she carries her own child for the first time in her hand? This lovely moment is captured in her memory for her lifetime. Whether she can share her feelings with others or not, but this precious moment is always remarkable as a new Mom she enters the world. Such as the journey of baby begins the Mom also starts fulfilling her duties which are worked out with the adjustments with food, sleep, work schedules, etc.. And from the very first day she starts learning how to care her baby so as I did before 16 years, but how I can forget when he was just born.

First Touch:

When the nurse came and gave my son in my hand, how to carry him was a big question? It feels little scary when you hold a newborn for the first time in your hand. I knew that I need to give support to his head and neck with one hand and the other hand down to support him and gently raise up and take it to chest or hold him in my arm. But at very first time I was worried as I had held him correctly or not. A sort of care reflects in your worries and raise unnecessary doubts in your mind. The same thing happened with me.

First Cry:

The first cry of a baby is always just after delivery in doctor’s hand, but mom always are not conscious about that time. For me too memorable moment is when he cried in my arms. He was in my arms and I was just looking him and he started feeling uneasy and in a couple of seconds he cried with a very low voice. His cry made me upset. I just called my Mom and told her to check. She laugh and told me “let him cry for some time it is an throat exercise”. It is a belief but in reality first cry of a baby is very essential to know the babies inner organ works well.

First feed:

The first day when he has to be feed, the nurse just brought a bottle and gave the baby to my hand with that bottle as breast milk has to be given a day later. It was the first time when he was hungry and he was unable to suck the milk. He was turning his mouth here and there and the bottle goes other ways. It was his first need which took a few minutes to get fulfilled.

First Smile:

Every pain which I had suffered was gone with his beautiful first smile. His first smile in his sleep and I said mummy look he is smiling, come soon… Again, I got to know that everyone believe that God makes him laugh in his sleep and if he cries then he had a bad dream. I always think what such a small kid have nightmares. But the smile was only for a second and soon he is in his real sleeping position.

First Sleep:

Newborn’s first bed is always his crib and so he too had a sound sleep in it. But later he was besides me. When an infant sleeps with mother their bond develops and mom came to know when his baby sleep and when he is awake. When he cries and when he plays. So it becomes easy for a mom to understand his need. He was very active at night; he get up, have his bottle, then pee and again to change him and again gets hungry. This process continued whole night within the interval of an hour and half and as the clock struck at 5’ nurse came and the next day routine was started.

So this was my first day with my kid where I got more things to learn and then after every day there was something comes to learn till he completed one year. The unforgettable first day, which he is unknown about and I had lots to remember. The medicines, the nurses shouting, the doctors, injections, the olden beliefs, family trauma everything was faced from the very beginning and in between all this rises “Moms Love for his Child” which lasts lifelong.


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