My Love for “Clash of Clans”

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Today I will give you information about a very interesting game called Clash of Clans – developed and published by Supercell. This game is set in a fantasy-themed world. The player needs to make strategies and should focus on building the village. In this game, the player is the chief of the village and he has to build his own village and assign a name of his choice. He has to protect it from his opponent and can also attack with his troops which are trained in the barracks. There are troop barbarian, archer, giant, goblin, wall breaker, balloon, wizard, healer, dragon, Pekka, baby dragon, a miner in this game.

There is another type of barracks named dark barrack. In dark barracks, troops are minion, hog rider, Valarie, witch, lava hound, and bawler. The heart of the village is called town hall. The player can be attacked by troops and also by a spell like lighting spell, healing spell, rage spell, jump spell, freeze spell, clone spell and are prepared in spell factory.

In the village, there is a dark spell factory and dark spells are poison spell, earthquake spell, haste spell, skeleton spell. When other troops attack one’s village, all the villagers hide to protect themselves. The player can defend the village by some buildings as defenses. While playing, the player can use the cannon, archer tower, mortar, wizard tower, bomb tower, bomb, Giant Bomb, spring trap, x-bow, walls, and eagle artillery.

Not over yet, there is a clan castle in which we can join other clans. There are only 50 people valid in the clans; one is a leader who is the head of clan and co-leader who is working on behalf of leader. Only these both can promote or can kick out any person in the clan.

We can chat with the members of a clan or can donate any troops to the clan members. Troops are donated by the troop capacity. Troop capacity can be increased by upgrading the level of the clan castle. Nothing can be built or upgraded without the builder. Builders are the people who only can upgrade or build the building. There is not only one village clan but a builder’s base which is the other village of the clash of clans. We can travel to another village by ship.

There is a builder hall and there are different defenses like the double cannon, multi mortar, firecracker, guard post, walls, air balloon, mines, crusher, and roaster. There are troops in the barracks which are raged barbarian, sneaky archer, boxer giant, beta minion, bomber, baby dragon, knight witch, drop ship, super Pekka. Here you can change your troops when you are attacking.

You don’t have to worry about your night village resources like other village. It won’t be damaged by anyone. In the night village, there is cloak tower which helps in boosting the speed. In this village builder lives in builder’s hall because the other village builder lives in builder hut. Some heroes are in the clan like barbarian king, archer queen, and grand warden. Playing game using them makes the game more interesting.

There is a hack version of this game named clash of magic. But in downloading your account can be banned. Now there is a new update to this game known as the ‘Builder Base.’ Players can sail to a new island and create a new village using new buildings. You can get more information about this game on you tube. In its updated version, giant is the new builder.

This game is very catchy and once we start playing it, we don’t want to keep it aside. But this can harm our eyes and affect our studies. So it is very necessary to schedule our timings for playing this game. This game is loved very much and children’s always chat to get the detail of each other troops. Enjoy the game but after completing studies.

By: Mahimna Bhatt


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