My Pillow: The Best Pillow!

A peaceful and uninterrupted sleep is a must for a healthy mind and body. Sleep depends totally on our environment which includes bed, cushions, and pillows, where we feel comfortable with. Make your pillow the best one with its softness, and colorful and stylish designs.

As Dalai Lama says “Sleep is the best meditation”, no one would like interruption in their sleep. Regular disturbed sleep may rise to symptoms like muscles pain, neck and back pain, fatigue, stress, stiffness, and restlessness in our body. These symptoms may further lead to other illness. Sound sleep can heel many of these symptoms and illness of the body. Everyone needs a good and peaceful sleep to relax the body and mind.

To get a genuine sleep you need a perfect environment in your bedroom. And to get that satisfying sleep, you should see whether your mattress and pillows which you are using, are really comfortable or not. There are different types of fillings that are used in a pillow to make it more comfortable. Pillow filled with polyester is called as synthetic fill pillow, foam pillows are stuffed with pieces of foam, and a memory foam pillow is a sponge-like pillow. Water pillows are cushioned with water in the bottom part and the top part is made of polyester. In some pillows, natural feathers or down are filled to make it super soft. Cotton pillows are filled with pure cotton. Orthopedic pillows are also available to get relief from different orthopedic problems. Body pillows are generally used during pregnancy to get the needed comfort.


Comfy Pillows brings sound sleep and so we feel relaxed at the end of the day. A day loaded with hard work often results in frustrations. So to get energized for the next day’s task you need a relaxing sleep. Many of us find their Pillow as their friend to share their secret. This is the only nonliving thing which is emotionally attached to human beings. Some people face troubles in their sleep if their pillow is exchanged with other. People often face disturbance in sleep when they travel from one place to another, as they get used to their bed and pillows. There is one tip from Grandma saying, a pillow is our best friend and if anyone wants to rise early then they can silently tell their pillow. He will definitely get up early without any alarm. This is just a rumor. How true it is, no one knows. By changing your pillow every now and then really disturbs one’s sleep is an actual fact.

Then why shouldn’t we make our Pillow, a special one? People try to fulfill all their needs neglecting their health. Peaceful sleep is the necessity of every human beings health. Get the needed rest and look at your comfort, and examine your bed and pillow. With smooth and soft pillow we also can decorate it trendy. Back sleepers need a thinner lofty pillow to cradle their neck. A firmer pillow is best for side sleepers to fill the distance between the ear and shoulder. Stomach sleeper needs a flat and thin pillow.

To decorate pillow in a stylish way you can work little on it.

  • Pippin your pillow with a darker color to emboss the border.
  • Paint your pillow cover with contrasting colors to make it look different.
  • Attach laces on the border to get a totally new look of your pillow.
  • Knitting your pillow also gives an elegant look.
  • Stitch favorite actor or character pictures embossed on the front of your pillow.
  • If you are creative in stitching and embroidery, then you can try a different pattern like a rose, cross pattern, lace pattern on the front side of your pillow.
  • You also can simply use silk, fur, printed, batik printed, double colored or double material pillow.
  • Kid’s pillows can be made with their favorite cartoon character, shape, and color.

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