My way towards clean surroundings!

We all girls are habituated to keep our house neat and clean. And we are busy in same kind of work. Every now and then we are shouting at our family members to keep room clean. We use to say to our brother’s “Bhaiya   please apna towel to suka dena”,   or we use to say “please keep your shoes in reck”, or “Look at the room you have mashed up the room”, etc.

This is only why we “GIRLS” like cleanliness and this is the only way   we find to manage our house CLEAN. But we are somewhere fail to manage to clean OUR CITY/ OUR SOCIETY/ OUR COUNTRY. We the only GIRLS are having spirit to do this. We ladies are very much capable of completing hard tasks with our soft and polite and hardworking nature.

“Hum apni baat kisi se bhi manva sakte hai apne madhur vani aur sanyamta se”.

And we have done this many times for some chocolates, ice creams, pizza’s,parties, movies, etc.

Clean surroundings.

Now the time is to work for our country. “lad jaghad kar nahi par logo ko samjana hai” ki — this Country belong to US. We all together have to take a step forward in keeping our surroundings / our country neat and clean.
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For clean surroundings our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has initiated the campaign of ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ to clean the streets,roads and infrastructure of the country’s. To participate in this, we start cleanliness mission from our home. We can guide our child, brother, sister, our family member to put an effort to keep the surrounding clean. Have the habit of dumping waste in bin. So lets join hands together to make our HOME,STREET, CITY and COUNTRY a CLEAN NATION.