How Neem Leaves are Beneficial for Hair?

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As Indians, we are proud and lucky to have great botanical wealth. Neem tree is a well-known name throughout India not only for its medicinal uses but also taking care of environmental issues. Every person thinks about their look and definitely, hair gives the perfect look to the person. Most of the girls love long hair and take care of that for them Neem leaves are very helpful. It brings perfectness to the hair from dandruff, hair-splitting, scalp damage, dry hair, thin hair, etc.

Neem oil is a vegetable oil collected from leaves, fruits, and seeds of the Neem tree which is extremely beneficial for scalp health. A healthy scalp is one of the major requirements for healthy hair. Neem oil is nature’s cure for all hair problems from hair growth to dandruff.

Neem leaves contain more than thirty-five biological active ingredients and have many useful medicinal properties. So it has been used in several medicines to cure health issues. It provides wonderful benefits for hair and scalp.

Benefits of Neem Leaves:

  1. Promotes hair: Neem leaves having a high level of antioxidants. Neem oil protects the scalp from upcoming damage which is caused by free radicals. It also has regenerative properties that support healthy growth and function from hair fall. It works for strong hair from the root of the hair to the tip.
  2. Nourished hair: It contains several fatty acids like stearic acids, oleic, linoleic which are used to condition the hair and scalp. Its moisturizing nature protects from dry hair. It helps to improve the hair from rough to smooth and gives silky texture. For deep conditioning massage the neem oil over scalp and hair with fingertips. Cover the hair with a towel for twenty to thirty minutes after that wash as usual. You will experience a healthy and shiny hair and more manageable.
  3. Cure dandruff and itching: Neem oil will take off everything as long as with antifungal properties. Most of us have experience with dandruff we can cure that with Neem leaves. When you have dandruff there is some underlying inflammation going on that makes the irritation. It also has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic oxidants that help and protects from redness and scalp irritation. Apply the Neem oil on the entire scalp by mixing a few drops of lemon juice and massage it well until the oil gets disappear. Allow it for overnight and rinse the hair in the morning with shampoo. You can also make neem paste for dandruff. A combination of neem leaves and curd is an amazing way to treat dandruff at home. Take neem leaves paste and add some curd into it mix it well and apply on the scalp gently leave it for ten to fifteen minutes and rinse with water. This process helps you in the cleaning of scalp and bacteria as well as dandruff.4.
  4. Keeps Scalp healthy: Neem leaves are combined with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral. Those help to keep the scalp skin with good health. When you apply the neem oil on to the scalp then you observe the coolness from the scalp. Neem oil is also used in several skin and scalp care products.
  5. Cure Lice: One of the best home remedies to treat head lice is neem oil. Neem leaves contain an insecticidal ingredient it disrupts the growth and reproduction of lice. In addition, the pungent odor of neem oil is strongly disliked by lice thus gradually it gets reduced. So many people can experience a disturbance with lice they use the oil as medicine to prevent.

The neem fruits, neem leaves, and bark are used to treat several health issues like fever, diabetes, sore throats, skin diseases, etc. According to Ayurveda Neem leaves are known to promote hair growth, voluminous and healthy tips, and locks, gives healthy and shiny hair by protecting hair fall and hair splits. Neem leaves are proving to be a savior especially for the people who are suffering from the hair thinning and balding.

Rinsing hair with neem water is very useful to clean the scalp and also clear dandruff. Neem oil head massage is helpful to the body health and as hair health. Experts believe that the neem oil massage improves blood circulation. Also mix any of the favorite oil like olive, coconut, jojoba, in neem oil for effective results.

Neem leaves paste is also showing excellent results towards scalp and hair. Apply the neem leaves paste on the scalp with your hands and leave it for thirty minutes and rinse the hair with cold water. The process removes the dryness on the scalp and it is one type of medical treatment it acts from the root of the hair.

the regular hair pack generally in used are with fenugreek and curd, heena and neem leaves, aamla and neem leaves. let us see all three of them.,

Hair Pack to treat rough Hair:

  1. Fenugreek and curd: Soak fenugreek seed whole night with neem leaves in it. stain the water and grind the mixture to make a smooth paste. Add one tsp of curd in it and mix it properly. the hair mask is ready to use. Remember fenugreek will not be crushed finely and it will leave tiny pieces but it can be applicable to hair. if you find more messy than you can stain the mixture with thick sieve and let the smooth part come out. then it will be more easy to use.
  2. Heena and Neem: Take heena powder in a vessel. In another vessel boil 2 glass of water with 2 tsp of tea powder, 1 tsp of coffee and ten to twelve leaves of Neem till the water becomes half of its content. Keep it a side to cool. Now add this water and one lemon juice in heena powder to make a paste and leave it for half day. This pack is ready to use, you can apply it for coloring your hair.
  3. Aamla and Neem: Take 2 tbsp. of dry amla and boil in 1 glass of water with ten to twelve leaves of neem in it. add 1 tsp of tea powder and 1 tsp of coffee while boiling. Let the water content become half. Now let the mixture gets completely cool. Grind the mixture and make the paste. your hair pack is ready to use. This pack nourishes hair and help in stronger growth.

Note: Not only in India, slowly the entire world is taking benefits of Neem on their hair and skin. And now it’s your turn to experience the results for yourself.



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