New Year’s Resolution !!!

We all celebrate New Year on January 1st every year according to the Gregorian calendar, yet there are many countries who celebrate their traditional New Years too. Though it is celebrated on different days in different countries, the purpose remains the same and that is Victory of Good over Evil and light over darkness. According to Hindu Calender, today -the day after Diwali is celebrated as New Year. Everyone loves to celebrate and party all night to bring in the New Year with great cheer and enthusiasm. Loud music is heard with crowds of happy and noisy people. People forget their worries and sadness and bring in the joy and happiness in New Year.

New Year brings in new beginnings, new ideas, new thoughts, new dreams, and new resolutions. To celebrate New Year, large crowds are seen lighting firecrackers. Everyone enlighten their house with coloring lights which vary from corner to corner with new style and pattern. During the festive season, the Indian market is flooded with all sorts of things from jewelry, clothing, sweets and snacks, firecrackers, and decorative items.

New Year Day is also a day to calculate the old deeds and plan for improvement. It is a day to make resolutions. Resolution means learning out from your mistakes and bringing a new change in yourself. It’s not mandatory for one to take a resolution but if a person takes it then that should be something big which would be beneficial for their surroundings, their city, and their country. There are men who make resolutions for themselves to be fit and healthy, to enjoy life and be happy, but sometimes it’s hard for them to control when it comes to drug and alcohol consumption, tobacco and cigarettes, controlling anger and violent behavior.

Whereas women take resolutions like avoiding food high in calories like pizza, burger, and dessert, being on diet food, reducing intake of drinks high in sugar and chocolates, doing yoga, meditation and exercising at least 30 minutes a day, losing weight, not yelling at kids, spending less and saving more. These are some of the common resolutions taken by many of us. But have you ever thought about the impact of these resolutions on our society, our city, or our country? These will only benefit oneself. Instead, there should also be some resolutions that can help to bring the needed change in our society.

Bind with Love each one of us has the strength to ignore little things and bring our family and friends together and bind everyone in the thread of love despite facing all sorts of hurdles in life. Love your family, give them a call and stay connected and sort out any misunderstandings. I am sure you’ll set up a good example for your kids. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.

Raise your Voice one should always raise his/her voice against assault and abuse, domestic violence, molesting, and any kind of bullying. Stand up for someone, stand with someone.

Self-respect Learn to respect yourself. If you don’t others won’t either. Remember, the world sees what you put out there, so hold yourself to a high standard of grace and elegance.

Clean surrounding we all have been keeping our house clean, but what about our neighborhood, our city? Who will keep it clean? As the citizens of this country, it’s our duty to keep them clean and make others follow the path of cleanliness. We have to keep our country clean to make it green.

Come forward we all have the strength and courage to make the world a better place to live. A small act of kindness, being polite, lending a helping hand, or just passing a smile on someone’s face can make a huge difference. It’s a teamwork and no single person can bring the change. As there is lots of negativity around, we all have to unite to make our country safe for our dear daughters and sons.

Stays away from Baba’s Gurus are respected but when they misuse their wisdom and get into the lust of money and fame, all the trust and devotion fades away in no time. So instead of getting cheated in the name of devotion, it’s better to have faith in God and worship with all your heart at home. Remember, no prayers are left unheard that comes straight from the inner soul.


May this festival of lights brighten your life with joy and happiness.
Wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!