Noodles Frankie

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Noodles Frankie name itself presents the Indo-Chinese cuisine made by the stuffing of noodles in flatbread. We can use leftover chapatti and turn it into a new variety. Actually it is a unique and innovative thought of street food which is loved by all children’s, collegians and office workers whose one time meal is dependent on street food.

From the name it seems difficult to make but it is not so. It is simply made in two major steps first chapatti and next noodles. So, here is the recipe of the ‘Noodles Frankie’. Check it and try it once.

Ingredients for making Chapatti:

1. ½ cup All Purpose flour (Maida)
2. ¼ cup Wheat flour
3. 1 tbsp oil
4. Butter for cooking
5. Salt

Ingredients for Noodles:

1. ½ cup Hakka Noodles
2. ½ cup Schezwan Sauce
3. 4 to 5 tbsp Chilli Sauce
4. ¼ tsp Chat Masala
5. 2-3 chopped onions
6. 6 tbsp Sliced cabbage
7. ½ cup Thinly Sliced carrots
8. ¾ cup Thinly Sliced capsicum
9. 1 tbsp finely chopped garlic
10. 6 tbsp grated cheese

Method for making Chapatti:

1. Firstly we need to prepare chapatti so for that take a bowl and add both the flours in it. Then add pinch of salt and mix it properly.
2. Now make dough by gently pouring water in it and grease the dough with oil so it becomes smooth and non-sticky. Remember to make soft dough.
3. Separate the dough into equal parts and make it as a round ball.
4. Roll each ball into a circular shape and make chapatti by using all purpose flour (maida) for dusting on both the side.
5. Heat a non-stick pan and cook the chapatti using a little butter. Heat the chapatti until it gets golden brown spots on both sides.
6. Repeat the process for making more chapatti.

Method for making Noodles:

1. Now take another broad non-stick pan and heat the butter in it.
2. Add chopped garlic fry it on a medium flame. Later add capsicum, carrot and cabbage cook it for 2 to 3 minutes on a medium flame.
3. Now add Schezwan sauce mix well and cook it for 1 to 2 minutes. Maintain the same flame and meanwhile stir the stuff.
4. Meanwhile boil the noodles in a pot of boiling water. Once the noodles are cooked, remove the excess of water by pouring the noodles over the strainer.
5. Now add this boiled noodles with salt as per requirement and toss well the entire stuff. Cook it for 2 minutes while stirring occasionally.
6. Taste it once if you need salt or spice better to add chili sauce and salt.
7. Finally, toss well the stuff and keep it aside.

Method of Noodles Frankie:

Preparation of noodles Frankie is ready now we have to prepare it for serving. So let us know how to serve the recipe.

1. Place the chapatti on a clean and dry surface.
2. Apply the chili sauce evenly on the upper surface of chapatti.
3. Put chopped onions and cabbage evenly on it.
4. Sprinkle some cheese on it and spread the prepared noodles over it. Again do sprinkle the cheese on it with some onion for crunchy taste with chat masala on it.
5. Now roll the chapatti tightly, look that the stuffing does not come out.
6. Repeat the same process for more Noodles Frankie.
7. Now the recipe is ready to serve so wrap half of the Frankie in aluminum foil and place it in a plate to serve.

For this recipe, we need only 15 to 20 minutes. Children’s love this the most. So try this recipe for a change and make our loved ones happy. For small kids we can add tomato ketchup and also can spread mayonnaise on the chapatti instead of grated cheese with noodles stuffing.

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