Nourish your Lips with Lip Oil

Lip oil is the new trend in the beauty world. Lip oil will nourish the lips and make them smooth and soft. Wear lip oil alone or over lipstick to add comfort and shine to lips.

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Women love to use lipsticks or lip gloss for outings, parties, movies, office and for different reasons. They get the charming look and feel the confidence by applying colors to lips. But what do you think, isn’t it a better idea to use lip oil alone or sometimes over a lipstick?

You must be wondering why not to use lip balm, lip stains, lip gloss, lip sticks and to switch over to lip oil. The reason is none other than to hydrate our lips. Lip oils are packed with moisturizing ingredients to keep your lips soft and flake-free. Lip oil gives a glossy finish and a hint of color, but without the stickiness. Skin of our lips is too soft that it gets dry very easily. Lips get affected due to change in climate. Lack of humidity during winter and too much sun during summer causes dry and chapped lips.

Lip Oil

To overcome this problem of dry lips we should use lip oil as oil is best as a beauty product. We have been using oil to nourish our hair, as a skin moisturizer and now it is useful for lips too. It is recommended to exfoliate your lips first, to maximize the benefits of your lip oil. This will remove any dry and flaky skin, so that the smooth skin of the lips is prepared to soak up the nourishing oil. Lip oil can also be applied before bed. Lip oil will nourish the lips as it sinks in overnight, ensuring you wake up with very soft lips. Some of the natural oils you could use are coconut oil, Almond oil and Olive oil.

Oils are full of essential fatty acids, which help protect the skin from environment and moisturize the skin which results in a plumper, younger-looking appearance. Wear lip oil alone or over lipstick to add comfort and shine to lips. It is great for those days when you don’t want too much color.