How Papaya Leaf is Helpful in Dengue Fever?

Many of the people are aware of the most important and emerging viral disease called dengue fever. Dengue fever is also familiar as Breakbone fever. Dengue viruses are affecting humans too badly in recent years and now it has became a major international health concern. Around 40 percent of the world’s population, live in areas where there is a risk of dengue transmission. Dengue is endemic in at least 100 countries in Asia, the Pacific, the Americas, Africa, and the Caribbean. It is mainly effected by mosquito’s bite, which are living at tropical and subtropical climates. The bite of mosquito will spread the virus to the human body.It is caused by four different viruses spread by Aedes mosquito. The symptoms of the disease will appear in five to seven days after the mosquito bites a human.

1. High fever
2. Headache
3. Rash (where the mosquito was bitten)
4. Vomiting
5. Severe muscular pains
6. Joint pains
7. Eye pain
8. Self illness
9. Teary eyes
10. Mild bleeding

For these symptoms and illness which are caused by the dengue virus has no vaccine or medicine in ancient days. There is an only home remedy or treatment having is fresh leaves of the papaya tree. The papaya leaves having more healing powers and these leaves are also well known to increase blood platelet count. There is one belief in society traditionally the juice of papaya leaves is more useful and needful for the victim of dengue fever.

Papaya leaves juice is used for a long time in some areas of India and South East Asia for dengue disease. As per the trust of people the disease gets cured from dengue virus. People search for the fresh papaya leaves and collect them for making juice by crushing. After completion of crushing the juice is filtered with a cotton cloth or filter mug to remove the unwanted pieces of leaves and un-crushed hard fibers in the juice. The purified juice was given to the patient per twice in a day that means morning and evening. The taste of the juice is quite in bitterness, but the result was good.

Papaya leaves contain huge amount of minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, and vitamins called vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin k, and vitamin B. All these contents are helpful for a human body and push out from the diseases. So that only people have strongly believed in papaya juice and it is not a lie, it is definitely true. The modern researchers also state that the papaya leaves have high medicinal components through that we can reduce dengue and also blood platelet count. Both are proved scientifically in a lot of observations.

Our health issue’s or illness will pull us down in our work. So we have to be strong always in case any illness occurs, so it becomes very necessary to keep clean surrounding around us. Wearing full clothes may prevent from Mosquito bite and its better to keep ourselves away from contaminated water. This may prevent some common diseases. Recently medicines are available for dengue disease but we did not know anything about those medicines maybe they lead to any side effects or not. But surely we said that no side effects in papaya leaves juice and also gives efficient results.

Basically we said it as a home remedy but it has been following from many years. We can clearly notice that there are no side effects by taking the papaya leaf juice so we won’t be worried about it. Herbal products are always good and safe because they are natural not mixed with any chemicals. They are also easily available and affordable by any kind of human.

Dengue virus is a female mosquito virus and this infection may lead to flu-like symptoms and internal blood issues like bleeding, clotting. For those papaya leaves, juice acts as the best medicine. It purifies the blood and increase red blood platelets and white blood platelets and also maintains proper blood pressure level.

There is no age difference and gender difference for mosquito’s so that the dengue virus may affect any human being. So we have to take care of all persons in our family. Once the dengue virus is affected the illness continues for some long time so be careful before affected and after affected of the dengue virus. Recently invented medicine is also helpful to cure the disease but the oldest way of papaya leaves juice has more and better results mostly in dengue and blood platelets count. Not consider like it is old type treatment and all the treatment having more believe from past to now. Still, it is in exists so try to follow this papaya leaves juice if any person was infected with dengue virus in your family or you known people.

Note: make sure that the leaves are not boiled or cooked. Because in boiling or cooking process the leaves losses their strength so that we only use fresh leaves for the juice.