Patanjali – A Fast Growing Company

Patanjali – A Fast Growing Company
Patanjali – A Fast Growing Company

Patanjali Ayurved is the fastest growing company in India. Baba Ramdev’s effort on using swadeshi products and chemical less products leads Patanjali market at a great height. In this world of pollution, chemical free products have become more famous from last few years. Patanjali acquires every household products needed in day to day life. Customers first focus on Patanjali’s product than other company. Big companies like Hindustan UniLever, Nestle, Dabur and P&G are facing tough competition with Patanjali’s marketing.

Patanjali Ayurved Limited is an Indian FMCG Company founded by Acharya Balkrishna and Baba Ramdev in 2006. Patanjali has a manufacturing unit in Nepal, working under the brand name of Nepal Gramodyog. Recent days Patanjali’s marketing strategy is holding customers and attracting people towards it. Not just India, but Patanjali have reached the markets in other countries, exporting its products to Canada, the USA, Mauritius and UK, among other countries.

Patanjali — A Fast Growing Company

Main points of Patanjali’s marketings are:

  • Explain people the purity and benefits of the products and not to simply advertise it in comparing to different companies products.
  • Use of the slogan ‘Prakruti ka ashirwad’ which brings near to nature and attracts the people.
  • Focus on Swadeshi products means India’s money will remain in India and not going out which definitely benefits India.
  • Less cost price especially on medicines in compare to others as Patanjali very well knows how to reach each and every customer.
  • Branded well through social media and popularity of Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev.

The products which has given tough competition to big companies are:

  • Patanjali Dant Kanti. People had change their mind on using their regular toothpaste and switched to Patanjali Dant Kanti.
  • Patanjali’s Shampoo and other hair products are more in public demand. Patanjali’s shampoo assures us to prevent hair fall and people have faith in it.
  • Patanjali’s Ghee is known for its purity. So people prefer buying it first.
  • Patanjali Biscuits have mentioned in the advertisement that its made of whole wheat flour. People find it better and a healthy choice for their kids.
  • Patanjali Ayurvedic Medicines, Children’s Health Drinks and Beauty Products are also famous all over India.

Not only these, Patanjali is having many more products which could be useful for daily life. So we can say that Patanjali is holding more market space and covered all over India. Now a day’s Patanjali is having great impact on kids as they too ask for Patanjali products. Patanjali’s marketing strategy has become famous all over India.

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